British People : Know them, love them. :)

Okay, seems that I can’t deny anymore about this. I just have a week left in the UK, before I’m going back for good. Don’t wanna leave, but I have to accept the reality. Don’t I? So, since the timing is still (kinda) perfect, today I’m gonna make a list of my opinion towards British people. Spending one year of my life in this country, more or less, have opened my eyes about their way of lives. Here it goes……

1. They don’t like spicy foods. I don’t like spicy foods, either. But I don’t mind eating slightly spicy foods. Their foods are tasteless. One day my friend asked me : “Ella, what do you think about foods here?” and I answered :”To be honest…….I don’t like typical British foods. They’re too tasteless for me” haha.

2. They’re very punctual about time. If you set an appointment with British people, don’t be surprised if they will show up exactly on time. I think this is one of the typical characteristics of European people. That’s good, indeed! We, Indonesian people, have to learn from them about this punctuality.

3. Most of them are “family people”. Unlike Americans, who are more “individualist”, British people really appreciate the value of having a big family. I occasionally heard my friends say : “yes, my brother was doing blablabla; my sister-in-law was going somewhere; last week I visited lalala together with my nephew and we had fun” It’s very nice listening to their stories about families.

4. They like to sigh. This is what I hate the most. Why don’t they learn to be grateful for every single achievement (even the little one) in their lives? I mostly hear people sighing in the lab. Just…..try to be grateful, dudes!!

5. Most of them are not that religious. Well, I am, personally, neutral towards this. That’s their choice. But sometimes it’s just awkward for me when someone mentioned : “I’m a Catholic since I was born, I’ve already being baptized. But I’m not a devoted one” Owww…okkkaayy.

6. They love to drink. I don’t know what kind of relationship is there between British people and alcoholic drinks. They always celebrate any kind of occasions with drinking.

7. They’re not usually being “frontal” towards people. This characteristic really resembles Indonesian people. Hahaha. They like to say anything good or bad about other people, behind their backs (in Indonesian : mereka suka ngomong di belakang!)

8. They do afternoon teas. A quality time to chat with each other. I haven’t tried afternoon tea here. Such a shame, I know.

9. British accent is hard to understand. But, after you spend at least one month here, you will understand eventually. No worries. I live in Newcastle and people here (Geordies) have a very different accent compared to people from other UK regions. The accent is weird, to be honest. But now I can understand them. Yeey. I needed 6 months to understand their accent. Mwahaha.

10. When you’re invited to a birthday party of a British friend in a restaurant, don’t ever think that they will pay for the bills. have to pay for your own food. They’re not usually treat each others. *gak ada traktir2an boo kayak di negara kita* 😉

11. They’re very welcome to international people (foreigners). I feel like at home here. This is an honest statement that comes from the bottom of my heart.

12. They’re sincere. They don’t help you because they hope that you’ll help them in the future. They help you because they wanna help you. As simple as that.

UK, I love you. But I must leave you soon. Argh..this is hard for me!

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