My Mom & Dad’s 26

They got married 26 years ago. I pretty much know about their love stories and all of those silly things happened when they were still just a couple of lovebirds. Yes, my mom and dad always tell us everything. My mom and my dad – I always call them Bapak & Ibu – are two people with a contrast personality. Bapak is a calm and friendly person, while Ibu is a discipline and firm person. But look at them, they can survive 26 years and solve all of the problems that happen in their marriage, together. I salute them!

They met each other in Bandung. My dad was studying in the same university as me, and my mom was studying in a private university in Bandung (guess!). So, destiny brought them to meet, somehow. Haha.

After they got married, they started everything from the very beginning. They always mention how they rented a small house for the three of us. Because 1.5 years after they got married, this little Ella was born finally.

I’m so grateful to have a parents like them. They’re not a type of “scary” parents. Totally no. They’re more like my best friends, actually. However, many times they tell us some important life lessons. One of the most important ones, the one that I will keep in my mind : “life is like a wheel. sometimes we’re on the top, but who knows one day we’re gonna be at the bottom and we need other people’s help. so, when you’re on top, don’t forget to help people who ask for help from you. any people. even when they’ve ever hurt you in the past. help them!” They also always remind us to appreciate the value of money. They say : “even Rp.100,- is worth, because we got it from our struggle”

They’re also my best supporter. They never forbid me to do anything that I want, as long as I’m responsible with my choice. They let me choose my field of study. And one more thing, they guide us to grow in the name of God. Whenever we skype or text each other (since I live separately from them in this past 1 year), they never forget reminding me to pray. I always ask God to someday give me a husband who is willing to grow up together in the name of HIM. Hopefully. Amen.

So yesterday, my Dad texted me saying : “Ella, me and your mom are having lunch to celebrate our anniversary (thankfully without your brothers’ disturbance). Thank God, we’ve already passed 26 years without any hard problems. We thank God for having such nice kids like you guys, as well. We  gain more opinions, as all of you grow older now”

Aww, suddenly I (almost) burst into tears. I love you more than anything in the world, Mom & Dad. I’ll try my best to make you proud. I’m gonna grow up into a young woman, but I don’t mind if you always think of me as your little girl, mommy & daddy. And, yes I know that you’re waiting for a son- in- law in the family. 😉 Can’t promise you that I will get one soon, but I will give you one, for sure someday. 😀

Happy 26th wedding anniversary, Bapak & Ibu! :* Hugs and Kisses! xoxo

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