“Quatre” means “four”. It’s been 4 years I’m writing all of my thoughts and ,sometimes, some craps here. Thanks so much for you who spend your times reading my blog or those of you who accidentally stranded in this blog because of googling some particular keywords. Thanks. I really appreciate that.

I remember, the first post in this blog was dated in October 28th, 2008. I was still in my second year of college back then. And now here I am, already done with my Master’s. Thank God! Time runs so fast, doesn’t it? This blog, more or less, has successfully documented some important moments in my life. I’m so lucky to have this “home” in the cyber world, where I can (responsibly) write anything. Why I write the word “responsibly” in the bracket? The reason is, because anyone can read my blog. Yes, this is my blog, but I must always make sure that anything that I write here will not offend anybody. We call it blogging etiquette. 🙂

I know that nowadays I write less than before. I’m sorry. Practically, I don’t have much activities right now. Therefore, I find it’s really hard to find an idea on what to write to update this blog. lol. Apologize to you all, readers.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog all these years. More stories later.

Take care 😀

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