Two Sides of Paris

That was my fourth time in my life visiting Paris. I never feel bored about that city. Although, to be honest, the people are far from nice and the city is not so clean.

It is the view and the vibe of the city that made me want to go back there over and over again. This city was our first stop during the Eurotrip 2012. I went there with a budget tour, so don’t expect anything fancy. That was the first time I went to Europe with my friends only. It felt different, though. But, still, I like it.

First day, we visited Eiffel Tower, the landmark of Paris who never loose its beautifulness. On the second day, me and one of my friends climbed to the top level of Eiffel Tower, after waiting in a very long queue. Thankfully, we arrived there quite early. then we were getting around the city. Having a salmon baguette for lunch. my friends were all craving for macaroons. We were trying to find “La Duree”, the most well-known macaroons shop in Paris, but somehow we got lost in the middle of Champs- Ellyses and we never found that shop. Paris was extremely hot that day. We were there in the middle of summer. Then, we took a metro to Musee Du Louvre and stopped by in a cozy but small cafe to had a glass of ice coffee.

Early in the afternoon, we decided to go to the Louvre. However, we’d just realized that time that there was a misunderstanding when we bought the entrance ticket online. So, we couldn’t go inside the museum. How unfortunate! Then, we walk and walk and walk with no direction. I took lots of pictures. Nothing can beat the view of Paris in the evening.

We took a metro to Eiffel Tower that night, while suddenly a group of people was following us. We didn’t know that all of them are thieves. We almost became the pick-pocket victim. Thankfully, God always be with us. I realized when they did something suspicious to my backpack.

Though I had a quite bad experience in Paris that time, I’m still going to explore other cities in France someday.

Last but not least, practical tips for everyone who are planning to visit Paris but thinking to spend money as efficient as possible.First, I suggest you to take metro anywhere and instead of buying the “all day” ticket, just buy 10 single tickets at once that can make you travel 5 times a day, which cost approximately 10 euros (or less, I forgot. but it’s not exceeding 10 euros). And getting on and off the metro train for 5 times a day is just enough for you, guys. Believe me, it will save your money, a lot. Second, always be careful and be aware of everything around you. Don’t be nice to strangers in Paris. It seems rude, I know. Remember, Paris is not a safe city. Third, one normal meal in Paris will averagely cost you 10 euros. Don’t expect to get a full and proper meal (sandwich or chips doesn’t count) for less than 10 euros.

Paris is nice, after all. It’s still one of the most favorite tourist destinations in the world, despite its negative sides.

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