this is

I know, I suppose to write about my summer trip, after almost a month abandoning my blog. However, currently I don’t have any idea on how should I start those stories. *halah banyak alasan yaa, ella*

Life was pretty hectic. Not anymore now, though. I’ve shifted to a new house about 3 weeks ago, because my contract in the student accommodation ended in early September. I went to Glasgow few weeks ago, presenting my poster. Yes, I made it! Now I’m free and have lots of time to prepare some PhD applications. Hopefully, I can get one exciting position. Let’s pray. Fingers crossed.

And last but not least, I have this “butterfly flying inside my tummy” feeling again now. With whom? With that annoying man. He turns to be not so annoying anymore now. Okay, he’s still annoying, but (I must say) sweetly annoying. My friends are always teasing and told me : “Ella, just ask him out for a coffee”. No! But who knows someday that “no” will turn into “yes” *blush*

Oh, my. This is weird.

I’m craving to write my summer trip stories here. Hmmm…it’s been too long for me not write anything useful here. Someday, when I have an inspiration, I’ll write about that trip. Haha.

See you again, and sorry if some of my latest postings here look like rubbish. :p

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