the hills are alive

I remember the first time I watched “The Sound of Music”. It was my mom who bought me the VCD and then introduced me to this amazing movie. I was just a kid. I watched it over and over again. More than 20 times, I believe, until I can memorize each and every scenes. This movie perfectly combined the beauty of nature, music, and humanity.

Just in case some of you haven’t watched it (really? is there anyone in this earth who haven’t watched “The Sound of Music”), I want to briefly tell you about the story. So, the movie centered in a girl named Maria. She wants to dedicate her whole life to serve God. That’s why she decided to be a nun and spend her life in a convent. However, little did she know before that living in a covent is not that easy. There are so many rules that she has to follow. Maria is still young and free. She can’t stand with all the convent rules. Most of the times, she sneaks out from the convent, go the hills, and sing. Finally, she’s asked to leave the convent for a while and being given a job as a governess for 7 children of Captain von Trapp. She’s never expected that she’s going to enjoy this kind of job she has. To make the long story short, Maria falls in love with the captain, eventually. Why can that “strict-looking” captain falls in love with Maria -a childish, innocent, and careless young lady? The answer is because Maria brings back the music to their home. Before, their home is so quiet. It is Maria who teach the children to sing and enjoy their childhood times. This movie was set during the cold war between Austria and Germany around the 1930s (correct me if I’m wrong).

Well if you haven’t watched this movie, buy the DVD (or rent or borrow from your friend) and watch! You won’t regret it. Really. I love all of the soundtracks. I love the set. I learned to sing “Do-Re-Mi” and “Edelweiss” from this movie.  Even, I was singing the main theme of this movie during the practical examination of art in junior high school. I watched this movie for the first time when I was 9 and after watching it more than 20 times, I won’t mind at all if you asked  me to watch it again now.

I promise, someday when I have a kid, I want to make him/her watch this movie so they know what we called a GOOD MOVIE and a GOOD MUSIC, all in one. And, oh yeah, I really want  one of the soundtracks, “Something Good”, to be sang in the day of my wedding holly matrimony. When will it be? Someday. Hehe.

for here you are standing there loving me. whether or not you should. so somewhere in my youth or childhood I must have done something good

Feeling oh Feeling

Mungkin mulai sekarang saya harus percaya terhadap sesuatu yang dinamakan feeling. Kemarin saya dan teman-teman saya ke London dengan maksud apply Schengen visa. Yup, kami berencana pergi travelling ke Eropa bulan Agustus ini. Awalnya, saya malas ikut trip ini. But, hey I’m in UK now. The beauty of Europe is just a few steps away. And I don’t mind to explore Europe over and over again, since it is like my most favorite continent ever. 

Tapi, perasaan gak enak sudah  menghantui saya sejak Kamis malam yang lalu. Hari itu, saya sampai dorm jam 11 pm dan kami sudah book bus ke London untuk hari Jumat jam 1.30 am. Jadi, saya memutuskan untuk tidak tidur daripada “kebablasan”. Namun, tetap saja saya merasa bahwa bakal terjadi sesuatu yang gak beres pas di London, tapi “sesuatu”nya apa saya gak tau. Saya coba tepis bad feeling itu dan saya gak mau cerita sama teman-teman saya tentang itu. Takutnya, nanti malah kejadian beneran kalau saya omongin.

Dan ternyata benar. Kami tidak bisa apply Schengen visa kemarin. Hmm. Masih ada harapan untuk mengajukan aplikasi lagi. Kami akan merencanakan perjalanan kami dari awal lagi. Kami akan merencanakan sebaik mungkin dan berharap sudah bisa memperoleh visa by the time we’re going to travel. Namun (semoga jangan!) kalau ternyata kenyataannya tidak sesuai dengan apa yang kita harapkan, yaaaa mungkin memang sudah jalannya kami tidak bisa pergi Euro Trip tahun ini.

To be honest, saya tidak menyesali trip “dadakan” ke London kemarin. At least I could have a day off from the lab and spent the whole day in London. Tapi, kalau saya tetap stay di Newcastle kemarin kan saya juga bisa lanjut nulis disertasi. 😉