movie review

the hills are alive

I remember the first time I watched "The Sound of Music". It was my mom who bought me the VCD and then introduced me to this amazing movie. I was just a kid. I watched it over and over again. More than 20 times, I believe, until I can memorize each and every scenes. This… Continue reading the hills are alive

random thoughts

Feeling oh Feeling

Mungkin mulai sekarang saya harus percaya terhadap sesuatu yang dinamakan feeling. Kemarin saya dan teman-teman saya ke London dengan maksud apply Schengen visa. Yup, kami berencana pergi travelling ke Eropa bulan Agustus ini. Awalnya, saya malas ikut trip ini. But, hey I'm in UK now. The beauty of Europe is just a few steps away.… Continue reading Feeling oh Feeling