Be Careful of What You Wish For

I’m just gonna write a short post today.’s so busy right now. But I really miss my blog that I’ve abandoned for a few weeks.

Well..well. Be careful of what you wish for because somehow it might become a reality. I remember I’ve ever wished to stay here for a longer period. Yeah, finally I made a decision not to go back to Indonesia (at least) until the end of the year. This is a final decision. And the other thing is related to my scientific life. I wrote a sentence in a microsoft word document last year about a kind of thing that I should accomplish this year. I’m on my way in realizing that dream, by the way. If I can’t realize this dream, because of any reasons, it’s okay. I’ve already gained some new experiences here. I’ve been given such an opportunity to conduct a research in a group that consist of people from various nationalities. And this is one of the most precious thing that ever happened in my life.

God is great!

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