I know it’s too late to write something related to my birthday. But it’s better late than never, anyway. Well, my birthday was on the 25th February. Almost a month ago. I’m 24 years old now. Yeey! Yeah, I’m old. But I always young at heart. 😉

So, that was my first birthday in this land of Queen Elizabeth. It was fun, though. I arranged a small party in my dorm. We ate pizza, watched some series on tv. And of course have fun. I received so many presents. Hihi..happy..happy! My friends were also giving me a surprise birthday cake. They knew that I really love cupcakes and they bought a super big chocolate cupcake for me. Really, my birthday was so memorable. I wonder where in the world will I celebrate my next birthday. Please…not in Indonesia please. 😀

24, eh? It is definitely not the age of innocence anymore. I have to be mature, literally. I have to start being an adult who is responsible for everything that I have chosen. I made some wishes before I blew the candle. One of them was to pass in every exams that I took. And amazingly I passed. :D. The other wishes is related to my future. I hope my other dreams will soon be realized. I want to explore the world. Hopefully, next year God will send me to other part of the world. Amen!

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes on FB, dear friends. Yeah, I know that nowadays people (especially friends in Indonesia) can only reach me through Facebook, right? 😉

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