The Winner Takes It All *)

Today, my research wasn’t going well. It’s worse than before. I’ve just realized that in the previous post I told you about my failed lab experiment. Well, what happened today was worse. But the amazing part is I don’t feel that useless anymore. I know, this is research. Everything can happen in the lab and sometimes I can’t even control them. Yesterday, all of my cells were alright, and suddenly this morning they were all *bummm* dead!  Nothing I can do, really. I won’t do any labworks until Monday.

And as usual, I love to relate anything that happen in my life with a particular song or a quotation. Few moments ago, when I was taking a short nap and listening to my iPod, it shuffled to this song titled “Va Todo Al Ganador” (“The Winner Takes It All”) by Il Divo. The lyrics are not really relevant to my situation, but some of them made me think that nothing can stop me from reaching my dream. This is just a little barrier that I’m sure I can pass safely.

I’m going to write the lyrics of that song that I found meaningful. For me.

the winner takes it all. the loser standing small

the winner takes it all. the loser has to fall. it’s simple and it’s plain, why should I complain?

a big thing or a small, the winner takes it all which one should I choose? to be the winner or the loser? of course I choose to be the winner. but, the winner has to loose many times before she turns out to be the winner. It needs a never ending trial to finally become the winner. I’m currently in the middle of that trial process. No, I don’t want to give up! The next few months will be hard for me. To be honest, I’ve never expected this before. But yeah this is life. Life will never be easy.

And oh by the way, I’ve finally received my exam result for all modules that I took last semester. I passed. Yea! See, no matter how cloudy my day there are still one or two things that make me feel grateful.

Welcome, March. I hope everything will going on smoothly this month. 🙂

*) “The Winner Takes It All” is a song that originally performed by ABBA in 1980. Il Divo covered that song under the title “Va Todo Al Ganador”.

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