My February

Today is already the 8th of February, which means we have passed the first week of this new month. February will always be my favorite month, other than December. I think I have said that sentence for a thousand times. So, early February was quite fun for me. I’ve done some activities that I love, even though I haven’t done much things that relate to my research. I’m in my off period this week, by the way. Start from the beginning of next week, I will have already working in my lab to do my research. And that will be my only activity until the next 6 months. I hope everything about my research are going to be fine and I can finish it on time. Hopefully, I can continue this research for my PhD project. In the name of Jesus Christ, there is nothing that impossible to happen.

Last week was so wonderful. Actually I suppose to attend the first rehearsal, after months of holiday, of the student choir. However, I decided not to go. I prefer to join my fellow Indonesian students in Newcastle to perform in an international event held by Northumbria University. We performed Saman Dance, Angklung, and Ngibing. I chose to play Angklung, since I can’t dance at all.   Somehow, I feel that we share the same feeling of being Indonesian in a country far far away from home, we have this kind of responsibility to promote our country. We have to show the world that Indonesia is not that bad, actually. That was the best thing we could do, introducing some Indonesian traditional culture to the world. I’m so proud knowing that people are so curious about my country. Some of them have never been to Indonesia, but soon they will visit my country. How happy and how proud we are!

PPI Newcastle Angklung Performance

In the end of last week, me & my fellow medical students was having a short trip to York. It was a beautiful city filled with ancient buildings. I always love ancient architecture and natural beauty. I was so surprise that I can find them all in York. We spent the whole day exploring that city without any expectation of finding the snow. Yeah, surprisingly after we had lunch, we went out from the restaurant and found out there was a heavy snow shower. Oh waow! This is the first time in my life watching such a natural snow falling down from the sky. Unfortunately the snow became heavier and heavier as the afternoon turned into evening. Our train schedule to Newcastle was being delayed and I started to feel disappointed. “How if we can’t go back to Newcastle and have to spend a night in York railway station”, that was the first thought that crossing my mind. Thank God, finally the train came at 8 pm, about 30 minutes late from the original schedule.

Heavy Snow in York

That was a very tiring yet exciting week. And yeah, that was the way I start my February. 🙂

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