I’m Free

Well, I’m not that free actually. I’ve done all of the exams for my modules that I took in my first term here. But, I still have to wait until approximately next month until they release my score and I know whether I pass or need to take the re-sit examination (oh, please I don’t want to do the re-sit exam). However, in this past 2 days I’m giving myself a little break. You know, after two weeks of sleepless nights (okay, this is a little bit exaggerating), my body deserve a break of course. So, what did I do?

Right after I finished my last exam, which was on Thursday afternoon, me and my friends went out having dinner. Our eating pattern was being ruined during the exam period. I was consuming noodles everyday, as my lunch and dinner menu. Lucky me, when my mom was visiting me few weeks ago, she brought a plastic of “Indomie”. I can find “Indomie” here in Newcastle, but somehow the taste is different. Indonesian “Indomie” is the best. 🙂 So yeah, finally we ate proper food again after the exam finished.

The next day, which was yesterday, we were watching “King & I” musical at Theatre Royal. You know what I like about this town? People are really respectful with art. They can appreciate it in such a good way. Last night was great. The show lasted for more than 2 hours and I think everyone was satisfied. Even I haven’t watched the original movie, but I loved the performance last night.

Watching "King & I" Musical with My Friends

And today, me and one of my friends were going to city centre, shopping. Yeah! I feel that I’ve become a real girl now. I like shopping. Can’t believe this, actually. Thankfully, I’m not a shopaholic, though. I can control what I’m doing. It’s just because today is the end of the boxing day, I guess, so that some shops in city centre are giving quite crazy discounts for all of their stuffs. After that, we stopped by Grainger Market. This is a kind of traditional market, but don’t imagine a traditional market like the ones in Indonesia. Grainger Market is cool! The funny thing is, unlike any other people who go to the market to do grocery shopping, I go to this market especially to do a book-hunting. My friend said that there is a great bookshop inside this market. I went there and wow I was amazed. They sell soooo many books with low prices. This is my kind of heaven. All of the bookstores I found in this country always amazed me, anyway. I admit, I love this country so much. 🙂 Because of their bookshops that can be found everywhere. One more thing, I found a new cafe in Grainger Market and finally impulsively I had my lunch there. It’s a tiny cafe but  the food is grrreeeaatt. I had a plate of cheese pasta with baked broccoli. It was so creamy and really tasty until it made me full. Gonna try another menu in that cafe someday, indeed.

I guess this is the best weekend so far in these past few weeks. Tomorrow I still have a plan to enjoy my (sort of) free time. I’m going to Quayside with my friends. There is the Sunday Market there every week, and they sell various stuffs and of course food. Yeay, I’m so gonna fill my tummy with those great foods. Oh, I wanna eat churros! 🙂 They sell best churros ever (well, actually I haven’t tried churros in any places other than Quayside. hihi. :p)  And tomorrow evening, maybe I’ll join my PPI friends practicing angklung. Yes, we’ll have a performance next week in Northumbria University. We’re gonna introduce Indonesian traditional culture to local people in an event called “International Night” (if I’m not mistaken). It must be fun. 🙂

Well, I think all of those activities will be sufficient for me to recover from the exam syndrome. Monday will be the beginning of the second term. We will have a 9 to 5 back to back lecture. Hahaha..I can already feel the boring air right now. And in mid February, I will start my research project, which is the essential part of my master degree. Thank God, I got 2 nice supervisors. They’re supportive and really optimist that I can give my best effort in this project. I will surely give my best!

I think that’s all for my blog update right now. Happy weekend. Enjoy life, mate! 🙂


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