Hello, Newcastle!

I'm in Newcastle now. Finally. Actually, I arrived here on September 19th but there were so many things to be done, such as registration and attending some welcoming events in campus. And of course attending some parties. 🙂 So, I've just had a time now to greet you, readers! I'm sorry for abandoning this blog … Continue reading Hello, Newcastle!

Not An Ordinary Holiday

Yes, I've already in Europe now. And nope, I haven't been in UK yet. Lots of friends asked me questions such as "how's life in UK?"; "how are UK guys?" and so on. lol. The fact is, I haven't reached UK yet, friends. Jadi, ceritanya saya liburan bareng keluarga keliling Eropa. Bapak, Bagus & Bayu … Continue reading Not An Ordinary Holiday