See You Again :’)

Finally this day is coming. I still have 2  more days in Jakarta, so I want to enjoy my time to the fullest. These past days was so hectic. There was a little miscommunication with the accommodation team of my university which nearly made me not getting a place to stay during my study for 1 year ahead. Thank God, finally that problem could be solved. I’ve got an accommodation now. Yeey! I’m also busy meeting my friends. You know, this is probably the last time for me  talking intimately to my loved ones this year. So yeah, I was coming to one reunion and other reunion. After this, we just can only set a virtual appointment through online social media. Yeah, I will definitely find new friends there, but no one can replace my best friends. They’re already like a family to me.

My flight gonna be on Thursday early morning, at 01.00 am WIB. This is probably the last blog post that I write from my lovely bedroom in Jakarta. Indeed, I will miss Jakarta and Bandung, the 2 cities where I have spent my memorable youth years and where I have found the meaning of a true friendship. Jakarta will always be my home forever.

I’m so excited to be given a chance to study in another country. This will be a start of a new phase in my life. I call it an “early adulthood phase”. 🙂 I promise there will be no tears when the time comes for me to leave Indonesia, 2 days from now. There will only be a hope deep down in my heart, that next year I’ll become a much more successful person.

Last but not least, thanks a bunch for you blogger friends who are constantly reading my blabbering in this blog. Especially for some people whom I knew from this blogging activity and lately has became my twitter followers. Thanks for all of your supports during my crazy preparation days. I really can’t believe that actually we’ve never met each other in person yet.

I’m leaving! See you again, my best friends. See you again, Indonesia. This is just because I really hate to say “good bye”. 🙂 Wish me a very good luck in other part of the world!!! Success will also follow your path, my friends. God bless you all. 😀

I will really miss all of my best friends in these pictures below!!! See you again, Nona, Aci, Ipi, Unik, Rohana,Dita, Kristal!!!

picture taken from here

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