Life’s Intersection

Yesterday I met up with my 2 college best friends, Nona and Ivi. This gathering was so emotional since we haven’t met each other for almost 6 months. You know when we were still in college, we went everywhere together every single day. So, we talked about everything. Nona talked about her kind of weird job, and Ivi was really excited because soon she will start her new jobs. Wow..congratulations for both of you! I’m so happy.

And yeah finally we talked about the most interesting subject. Boys and Love. Suddenly they said : “Ella, are you serious that you just want to wait for your prince charming until the right time will come without doing any efforts? It’s impossible! You have to do something to get him” That short unpredictable talk made me think. Maybe I’m too naive to think that someday the right one will come to me.

I know, I’m still young and still have lots of time to think about creating a serious relationship or even marriage. But, I’m 23 right now and maybe this is the time to start looking at those things from a more mature point of view. My mom got married when she was 23. That’s why now she has a tendency in urging me to search for a boyfriend. Nah!

Actually my love life is kinda complicated. Currently I’m adoring someone who is living in another country. We only had a chance to meet and making interaction for a few weeks. And with this person, I experienced my first -love at the first sight- moment. I didn’t know what made me like him. But one thing for sure, we could get along well. The problem is we have a different faith, he’s much older than me, and the most important thing is it looks like he hasn’t got any special feeling for me. He just treat me as one of his discussion partners. I think this kind of relationship is impossible. While I’m adoring this one particular person, without I’m noticing, another someone from the past keeps coming in my life in these few recent weeks. We  met often, but no words coming from our mouths. We had a special story long time ago. After that time, we barely contact each other. Now I don’t have any special feelings for him. He’d been my crush for almost 7 years. Can’t you imagine? Actually we’re so close, but we make a big invisible space between us. In fact, this person is “perfect” for me. But, the question is : Am I perfect for him? We have the same faith, we grow up in the same environment, we have lots of things in common. By looking at those similarities above, you can tell me that we are meant to be together. But, still, it’s not that easy. Gosh, this love matters really confuse me!

Am I the one who should make the first move? I am such in the intersection of my life. Life is always full of problems, indeed. This is one of the problems that I must face.

Maybe I should do this one thing, as my friend -Ivi- said. I should make a list contained of some boys who fit my “boyfriend’s criterias”. Haha..this also makes sense. 🙂

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