Am I That Serious?

I keep asking myself this question : “Am I that serious?” Based on  an “observation” that I did  these past few months, I gathered opinions from my new friends. Most of them think that I’m way too serious. In fact, personally I don’t think that I’m serious. I’m just the same as other common people.

I’m trying to guess why they came into such a conclusion like that. First, I love reading. I always bring at least one book (any kind of book) in my bag whenever I go anywhere and I prefer to spend my free time reading a book than having unimportant chit-chat with my friends. Second, when I’m in the class, I always give my full attention to the lessons. Maybe those 2 reasons lead them in making a conclusion that “Ella is a kind of serious person”.

Okay, so this is my defense. Haha. Actually, I’m totally not a serious person. If you don’t believe it, ask my closest friends and family. They think that I’m such a “crazy” girl because sometimes I can throw some absurd jokes that make them laugh. I also not always drown into books until sometimes people labeled me as a bookworm. I love having a discussion or brainstorming with others. Ask me to speak about music,movies, or current scientific issues, and I’ll turn into such a talkative and fussy girl.

Honestly, I’m a little bit offended when my new friends think that I’m too serious. Well, I’m not like that. I’m afraid that when people know me as a serious person, they feel uneasy to be friends with me or they think that they must come with a “big” issue to start a conversation with me.

In these times, I really want to build my network. The only way to build a wide network is by making as many friends as possible. I know maybe I should start to be more friendly and to spread more smiles to others so that they won’t think that I’m that serious. Actually, I take this as a feedback for myself. Finally I know what other people think about me. I’ve just known them for a few months and those are  their judgements. I’m a serious person. In the case of my best friends, I’ve known them for several years and they don’t think that I’m serious. But, who knows if they’ve ever had a same opinion before.

People, try to know someone better before you labeled him/her with a particular stereotype!

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2 thoughts on “Am I That Serious?

    • iya betul sekali. I’m pleased that you wanna be my friend. saya sering baca blog mbak Eka lho, btw. postingannya bagus2 dan informatif. 🙂 semoga kita bisa saling berbagi info lewat tulisan di blog ya!

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