Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

Yesterday afternoon when I was on my way home, I read a shocking news on my twitter timeline. 8.9 magnitude earthquake followed by a 10 metres tsunami hitted Japan. And suddenly I remember that some of my friends are currently being in Japan for study and research purpose.

I was directly checked on my y!m and found out that one of my friend was online. I asked him whether he and our other friends were alright, and he said that everything was under control there and no need to worry. He’s living in Osaka, by the way. However, yesterday night I knew from FB that there wasn’t any news from one of my junior who is currently doing her exchange program in Tokyo. Let’s hope that she’s alright and doesn’t experience any serious injury. Well, 8.9 magnitude earthquake is really huge!

Based on the news from CNN that I watched yesterday, they predicted that the tsunami would soon reach Indonesia and other nearby countries. Thank God, until this moment that tsunami don’t hit Indonesia. But we still need to be aware of any bad possibilities that may happen.

May God be with Japanese people and my friends there. And may God also be with us, Indonesian!

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