internet and me

Nowadays, most people in the world have a strong relationship with cyber world. That resulted in the rapid development of social media. At the first time, they only used it as a communication media with their friends who live faraway from them, but now social media have already taken the big part in our everyday’s life. People can maintain their bussiness without needing to go to the office. They can control their company from home. Even housewives also can create bussinesses along with occupying the children. This is a really awesome fact about the effect of social media.

I have created accounts in social medias, because in my opinion I can get a lot informations through that sources. The first social media account that I’ve made was Friendster, back then when I was still in the first year of college. Unlike other kids who have already had a soc-med accounts since they were really young, I made it when I was already 18 years old. Yeah, I grew up in the decade of 1990s when internet was still a rare thing in Indonesia.

Now, I have accounts in Facebook, Kaskus, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads, YouTube, and of course WordPress. Each of that social media has their own function, I think. I use Facebook for interacting with friends, especially old friends who are now living and studying abroad. I try to maintain communication with them through Facebook. And then, Kaskus. I made an account there and I made a thread to promote my talent. The result was that  I got a job through this site. 🙂 This is also a great place for me to do some online shoppings. You know, I don’t like to spend some times at the mall to shop some clothes and everything, I prefer to buy t-shirt from online distros who sell their products on Kaskus. Most of the time, the designs are much more creative than those we find at the mall. Moreover, I use kaskus to find informations about all of the TV-Series that I’m currently watching, chat with other TV-series enthusiast. It’s quite interesting, actually.  And Tumblr! Who don’t like Tumblr? We can post pictures, videos, music, anything there. We can make friends with strangers. I love spending my time on Tumblr, looking at those beautiful picture posted there. That site is really my stress-killer. Nowadays, who don’t have any twitter account? I’m sure most of Indonesian have got one, because our people is on the top 2 most active twitter user in the world. Wow! I admit that Twitter is a source of information for me. From gossip thingies to serious matters. Since I really love reading, I made a GoodReads account few years ago. I got many friends there who also love reading. In GoodReads, you won’t be judged as a nerdy just because you love reading. can also recommend books to your friends and vice versa. And the last one is YouTube. I have an intimate relationship with YouTube recently..hahaa. I’m gonna tell you about my favorite YouTube artist next time I’m blogging.

So, for me internet give more advantages rather than disadvantages. If you know how to use it, this media is really informative. Therefore, for those people out there who seem to be anti-internet and anti-social media, get real, man! You must totally change your point of view. Internet is not all about pornography. It’s sad knowing that even our minister of infomation & communication has an internet-phobia disease. 😦

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