Few days ago, a friend of mine asked me to watch the final AFF match between Indonesia and Malaysia live in Gelora Bung Karno, but unfortunately my parents didn’t give me permission. So, finally I watched it at home. I was pretty disappointed watching the first leg of the match which was held in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Malaysia. Too many controversial things happened and it was definitely not a good sign. Indonesian team didn’t give their best performance. I understand that. With so many disturbances like that, who could have a full concentration? Malaysia won and made 3 goals. I admitted, they were playing well.

And today, I saw a totally different football technique played by our national team. They played really really really good. Two thumbs up for Indonesian national football team!  Only unluckiness that once again made our national team missed the AFF cup. I’m one hundred percent sure that the most influential factor that could bring back the spirit of Indonesian team was the supporters. They have a very mystical power, I think. After Malaysia made their first goal, all of the supporters kept screaming ‘INDONESIAAAA’. Oh, how I really want to be there watching the match!! In the end, we won the game 2-1 but still we couldn’t win the tournament.

However, apart from that, Indonesia is the winner in our hearts. I’m sure this final results will never dissapoint any Indonesian supporters. For these past few weeks, our national team could have made Indonesian people unite. People from different background mingled together in Gelora Bung Karno stadium, only to watch our national team playing, giving them spirit, and witness the new era in Indonesia football.

For me, personally, they’re my heroes. Firman Utina, Bambang Pamungkas, Mohammad Nasuha, Christian Gonzales, Zulkifli, Bustomi. They’ll be on the list of my favorite football players. For the first time, I watched every single match of Indonesian football team.  In every match, there will always be a winner and a loser. Our national football team can give us example on how to be sportive and how to respect fairplay in every game. In the last minutes of the game, when Safee the Malaysian striker was exchanged by another player, Bambang Pamungkas immediately congratulated him and gave him a hug. I believe, he knew that we would never hold the championship cup and Malaysia would defeat us tonight. But he still hugged Safee. What a good example, guys!! We must be proud.

I hope this is not gonna be a temporary nationalism. Never stop supporting our national football team and don’t ever loose our pride to be Indonesian who think globally. Don’t be easily being provocated, because we’re a big nation.

And for Malaysia team, congratulations for the winning!

Indonesia tanah airku, tanah tumpah darahku. Di sanalah aku berdiri jadi pandu ibuku. Indonesia kebangsaanku, bangsa dan tanah airku. Marilah kita berseru, INDONESIA BERSATU!!!!!!


ps: Bambang Pamungkas has a blog. He’s such a good writer.

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