Welcome Christmas

December 24th and 25th always be my most awaited day every year. Why? Because I celebrate Christmas, of course. I feel that this christmas is my best christmas so far, although it seems just the same as the previous years. I don’t know why I’m so excited this year.

For me, christmas has started since yesterday night. Last years our big family usually attended the christmas mass together. This year is slightly different, because my dad, my auntie, my uncle, and me were participating in the choir. It was fun actually singing on the christmas eve. 🙂

And today, December 25th, is the day. We were celebrating christmas in my Grandma’s house, although she has passed away 4 years ago. It’s sad remembering that we could never celebrate christmas with Grandma anymore. Today’s celebration turned out not so memorable because there were only few people came to our house, not like the previous years. But, there was other things that made me happy today. Finally I could spend my time with my two younger brothers. We always spending time together almost every day, actually but today is different. We did a kind of “curhat” session, that is very rare happen between us.

After christmas celebration this afternoon, I directly went home. I checked my twitter timeline and lots of my friends wished me a merry christmas via twitter, BBM, FB, and text message. Thank you so much. Then, I turned on the TV in my room and watch Global TV and there was this interesting program called “onecubed” something..sorry I forgot the title of that program. There was a really touching video footage on that program, telling a story of some people who have very bad relationship with their parents and the impacts that happen because of that bad relationship. Right after watching that program, I realized that there are lots of people out there who are less fortunate than me, whose parents are not as good as mine. Therefore, there are no reasons for me not to be grateful having parents like my mom and dad who have unlimited love for me and my brothers.

Now I know why this christmas is so special for me. It’s not because of the fancy stuff sand everything, but because I can celebrate it with my family, my most valuable possesion ever in the world. Maybe it’s my last christmas in Indonesia..I hope. 🙂


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