It’s gonna be legen..wait for it..dary!

I accidently  started watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ 2 weeks ago because my brother bought 2 seasons of this series. You know, I’ve been watching it sometimes on TV, but I haven’t yet seriously followed its storyline. So, as my brother has bought it, I “stole” it from him and started watching it.

I know that this series has become a hit in most of the countries in the world. Everyone seems always talking about it. So, from the very first time, I’ve got a high expectation. I watched its episodes one by one and guess what…I couldn’t stop watching it until my eyes couldn’t resist anymore. This series is really addictive. I’ve got lots of favorite series, and HIMYM is gonna be on the next list of my favorites.

Generally this series told about Ted reciting a history to his children about how he met their mother. This is a story about love and friendship. However, don’t expect that love and friendship are just two simple things in life. They are indeed really complicated stuffs. In this series we can see how they struggling and sacrificing everything for the sake of love and friendship.

I’ve finished watching the first season just for a few days, and now I’m in the middle of second season. You know what, there are plenty of simple yet meaningful quotations that I got. These ones are the examples that I can still remember :

  • “Love isn’t science” -Ted Mosby
  • “The only thing that can heal a broken heart is time”-please owe me an apologize for I can’t recall who said that kind of phrase, but that phrase suits me so well.
  • “I’m your best friend, Ted”-Barney Stinson
  • “I can’t remember who won the Super Bowl on that years. What I can remember is that we watched it together and we had beers”-Ted Mosby

and this must be the most memorable quotes for those of you who are HIMYM’s hardcore fans

  • “Ted, this gonna be legen…ups wait for it….dary”-Barney Stinson

After watching one and a half season of HIMYM, I think that I’m started to love this series and I really adore the characters : Barney Stinson, Ted Mosby, Marshall Erikksen, Lily Aldrin, and Robin (forgive me again,I forget her last name). And the one character whom I adore the most is….TED MOSBY!

I’ll give my biggest appreciation to the creator of this such genius series. You’re just…brilliant!! I wanna watch this series till the end, and found out who finally gonna be Ted’s wife. 🙂

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