Random Day

This Saturday started with me waking up so late, at 07.30 AM. Well for me it’s already late since I usually wake up at 6 AM without alarm. I don’t know why, but lately I always feel so tired, end up going to bed so early and wake up late. 😦

So..as usual saturday means doing job, gaining money. Yeay! I forgot to tell you that since last month I’ve did a very exciting job..A PIANO TEACHER. Oh, man it’s like me doing something that’s been my passion and getting paid by that. Nothing’s more exciting, right? Okay, I know that job has no connectivity with my background as microbiologist. I don’t think that I’ll be a piano teacher in my entire life. No, this is just a side job before I continue my study next year. 🙂

I finished teaching at 12 PM and decided to directly went home, watching DVD in my lovely bedroom, enjoying the laziness until Saturday evening. Apparently, when I’d just touched down at home, my brother asked me to go to Ratu Plaza to accompany him buying some DVDs. Hohoo..for your information, few days ago we’ve just gone to that place also for buying DVD. So, now me & my brothers have become a bunch of “anak gaul ratu plaza”, then. -_-” However, for you Jakartans, you have to try Ratu Plaza guys. A very nice place for you to do (pirated) DVD hunting. You can enjoy a very comfortable ambiance while looking at plenty of ‘bule’ *wink*. Okay, turns out that I give too much advertising for Ratu Plaza. They must pay me some money, then. From today’s DVD hunting I got season 2 and 3 of How I Met Your Mother. You know, I’m starting to love this series. This kinda late, though. Don’t care. Hahaa 😀

And this Saturday ended up with a date (I wish) a choir practise. Today, lots of youngsters joined our choir, unlike the other days when this choir was filled with elderly people and I’m being the youngest one. However, I love my choir so much. I don’t  like joining the youth choir, without any reasons.

Yup, so yeah today was a little bit random.

Happy weekend!!! Happy counting days until Christmas!!

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