10 years from now

when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it 
-paulo coelho

10 is one of my favorite number because it’s the symbol of perfection. So, let’s talk about that number.

What can I predict about what will happen to me 10 years from now? Well, of course, I’ll have been 32 years old by that time. In my mind, when I reach 32 years old, I’ll have had a family with 1 kid and also I’ll have completed all  of the stages of my preferred education. Life must be perfect.

Now, I’m 22 year old. Still quite long time for me to reach the year 2020. There are lots of things that I required to do to realize my dreams and I hope everything will be running smoothly as I planned. I still need to complete my master and doctoral degree, being a scientist and lecturer in Europe, getting married with somebody who I haven’t known yet until now. Yeah, still long way to go.

Nobody can’t forbid us from dreaming. So, those are my dreams that little by little (thank God)  are ongoing to be realized.

image taken from : here

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