hello november!

November! It’s already 4 months after my graduation and I still haven’t got any jobs. That’s not a big problem, though since I’m not seriously searching for a job. I just going from one jobfair to anothers, attending the entrance tests for some companies. That’s it, none of those accepted me. Maybe God thinks that it’s the best for me.

So, now I’m just setting my focus to realizing my dreams. Thank GOD, I’ve already received my iBT TOEFL score and it’s good enough although still a little below my expectation. I hope I can still be accepted in that university. I hope. If GOD has destined it, I’m sure that HE will give a way for me.

November won’t be extraordinary compared to the last months after my graduation, except that in this month I’ll participate in a scientific international conference held by my faculty. My other activity is taking an intensive French course. By the end of this month I will have  reached the 3rd level. Yeayy. However, still, my most important activity is preparing all of the requirements for applying my master scholarship, waiting for the TOEFL certificate to arrived, and doing a mental preparation for myself because start from September next year I’ll be living separately from my family.

Well hello, November! Be nice.. 🙂

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