2 Years and Still Counting



I wrote the first post of this blog in October 28th, 2008. So, it’s been exactly 2 years now. Time flies. Actually, I’ve started blogging since I graduated from high school in 2006. Back then when I was still in school I barely used the internet for something useful-an action which now I regret so much. The first media that I used for blogging was Friendster. After that, in the middle of 2007 I had a desire in my heart to seriously start writing. I created a blogspot blog at that moment, which was lasted for a year.

The content of my previous blog was more or less resemble a diary because I wrote my daily activities which was finally I found very boring. Yeah, which were the interesting part about the daily live of a college student? haha :D. I wrote about my so-called crazy college schedule, about my best friends, and don’t forget that I also wrote about my crush explicitly. That was crazy. However there were my youth memories behind those posts. Though, few months ago I had to delete my blogspot account because there were already lots of unnecessary comments posted there and I had abandoned that blog for so long. So yeah I decided to delete it. Goodbye, my blogspot. Hehee 🙂

In this wordpress blog, sometimes I still write about my personal life but I’m not flooding all of this blog’s contents with those kind of posts. I often write my own opinions about the current situations happening around me. I also routinely read some blogs, such as this, this, and this. I never know them in person, but their posts really inspired me.

What are the reasons that make me do blogging? The first reason, I really want to make a documentation of some big moments in my life, such as the moment when I was busy with the lab project (it was the 3rd year of my college periods), when I did my internship, when I was doing my final project research, when I faced the thesis defense few months ago, and when I finally graduated. All of those moments have been documented in this blog so someday when I get older, I can remember that I once have had a very interesting period of life. The second reason is that I’m a kind of introvert person who is not comfortable to express my feeling verbally, so it’s better for me to write my thought. 🙂

In this 2 years, I’ve changed this blog’s name for several times depends on my mood. Currently, its name is “La Vie est Belle”. It’s a French phrase that means “Life is Beautiful” in English. I choose to make that name as the trademark of my blog because I want to encourage myself and others to always search for the positive sides of every problems in our lives, because we’re not really living if we never face problems, right.

At last, thank you very much for you readers who have read on my posts and also gave comments. Thanks. I will keep blogging. I promise.

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