The Beauty of Learning Different Languages

The first foreign language that I learned was English, of course. I started learning that language when I was in the 1st grade. Back then, learning English was such a temptation for me because I didn’t enjoy it. I saw it like an obligatory because I hadn’t really known the benefit of learning other languages. I had just started to enjoy it when I was already in junior high school. I found that because of my good command in English, it really could increase my self confidence. I always been sent as my school representative to participate in some speech competitions. Honestly, I was really proud of myself. Thanks to my parents who always push me not to stop learning English because nowadays, if you can’t speak English, you’ll dead. Yeah, English is not just our foreign language anymore. It has become our second language because we have to admit that when we want to apply for a job, most companies will give more appreciation for the candidates who possess good commands in English, right?

Since 2 years ago, I have had a curiosity to learn other languages. I know it seemed a little bit too late for me to learn a new language when I’ve already become a graduate student. I started to learn French back then and I’m still doing it until now. In my opinion, French is an extremely difficult language, but once  you can make a sentence or write a paragraph, you’ll find that this language is very beautiful. You’ll appreciate yourself when you can do such things because that was happening to me. I have 2 purposes that made me start learning this new language. The first one is that I really want to continue my study in France so that I should expert in French. Just for your information, you’re totally don’t necessary to pay your tuition fee in France if you take the course in French languge, but on the contrary you have to pay a very high amount of tuition fee if you take an international class in France. That’s why I really give my effort to learn French. I will get much benefit in the future, of course. My second purpose is that I simply love the language, I love the accent that -as my friend says- is very sexy and exotic. 🙂 And I really want to be married to a French  guy someday. *I wish*. So, it can be an “excercise” for me before I literally  interact with my future husband, right? *insane* 😀 Yeah, currently I spend most of my time from Monday to Friday for 4 hours each day learning French at CCF. My Dad sometimes says that I look too busy in doing my activities everyday by waking up early in the morning while I suppose to just stay at home doing nothing since I have to enjoy my post graduation syndrome. Well, Dad if I just stay at home, I’ll be so boring. He also sometimes so worry that I’ll get sick. I won’t ,of course. I really enjoy it.

Lucky me, I have been to many different countries since I was young. Everytime I went to a new country I always asked the local guide about their local language of the daily words, such as “good morning”, “thank you”, “sorry”, etc. You know, local people will appreciate tourists who can speak in their language although only a little. You’ll get a special price reduction when you talk in the local language to a seller in the local market. 🙂

Don’t be afraid to learn new languages other than English. Whatever language!  Believe me, you’ll find a pleasure when finally you can expert in that language. And I suggest you to practice it by reading books (start with the simple one, for example comics or children storybooks), watching movie without the subtitle, or listening to the music. It really affect so much because I’ve had practiced it. However, the most effective method is to find a partner and then start a conversation. 🙂

You’ll become a part of a global citizen when you can speak many languages.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Learning Different Languages

  1. Hello, Gabriella. Saya ingin kursus bhs perancis, susah bgt gak sih? Bisa crita sedikit ttg kursus di ccf gak? Thanks in advance

    • Halo..salam kenal Midori.

      Jujur saya bilang, bahasa Prancis itu susah. Tapi kalau kamu udah bisa, pasti seneng bgt. French is one of the most beautiful languages on earth. Hmm..kursus di CCF cukup menyenangkan sih. Kebetulan pas masih di Jakarta, saya ngambil kelas intensif, jadi lesnya tiap hari. Dan progress-nya keliatan bgt. Kalau kamu mau serius belajar bhs prancis, saya sarankan ambil kelas intensif aja. Pasti cepet bisa deh.

      Good luck yaa. 🙂

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