poor you, girl

I know this girl. She’s much younger than me and has just graduated from high school. Probably she’s only 19 years old now. My first impression about her was she’s a very sweet and calm girl.

I rarely speak with her because she always busy with” her world”. But when we’re speaking to each other, yeah she becomes a quite nice partner actually. I never have this suspicious feeling of her, although sometimes I found her with a box of cigarette. I never see her smoking. So, I thought maybe those cigarettes belong to her friend or someone else. And finally today I saw her smoking. I was a little bit surprise actually. How come a sweet and young girl like her becomes a smoker?

I used to hate smokers and couldn’t tolerate them.  Now I realize, maybe from the bottom of their heart, they don’t want to be smokers. Maybe they do that dangerous activity to be accepted by their societies or perhaps that’s their sign of rebellion to their  parents’ strict regulation. I never know their background until they fell to be smokers. So, it will be unfair for them if I keep directly labelling them with the term “bad people” yet I don’t know what are their real situation, right?

I won’t say that now I support smokers. Not at all. I’ll never support smokers for the rest of my life. What I’m gonna say is sometimes reality is different with my expectation. Every people has their own problems and some of them choose to be smokers to reduce their “pain” that resulted from those problems they have. So yeah what I can do right now is just evacuate myself whenever she starts smoking. What more can I say to her? I can’t suddenly force her to stop her smoking habit.

To my friend. You’re still young. Why did you dare  damaging your own body by smoking? Don’t hurt yourself, my friend.

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