I’m sick :(

I’m suffered from this very bad influenza. I’ve felt unhealthy since last week but I haven’t seen the doctor yet because yeah I thought I could recover soon without seeing the doctor. Actually, I was so wrong. It has becoming worse. Argh. I can’t concentrate in doing anything.

I got sick in the wrong time. This week I suppose to finish some important things. I have to repeat some parts of my research because my advisor said that my result should be perfect. Also, I must start writing my theses. So far, I’ve finished the first chapter but I still can’t continue to the second chapter because my body is too weak. And I also must prepare for next week’s presentation. I must be in Bandung today instead of leaning at my bedroom in Jakarta. Gosh, I don’t like being sick. In the time like this, I regret for being so carelessly drinking cold beverages in the middle of rainy season.  I really regret it. Arrrrrggghhhh, I wanna get well soooooonnnn!!

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