I (Almost) Reach My Dream

I still have a little step ahead to finish my final project research. I started it on the early of this month. Honestly, I can’t believe that I almost finish this research in only a  month (actually it’s a little more than a month because I started the DNA extraction in the middle of February). Woww..I can do it! Yeah, I can do it.

Next week, hopefully I’ll start writing my bachelor degree theses. Oh my GOD!! It means I really can graduate this July. Still can’t believe. Big thanks for my advisor. You’re so kind, ma’am. I feel so grateful to have such an advisor like you. You always encourage me instead of judging and let me down. I still need your help for my theses, though  :D.

Finally, thank you my dear GOD. Now, I know that YOUR plan will always much better than mine. YOU never leave me even for just a second. I know YOU always there and hear my prayer. YOU can make everything possible.

Yeeeyy….I almost reach one of my dreams, finishing my bachelor degree on time. Please pray for me so I can survive in passing these few months ahead.

cheers 🙂

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