hello new semester, goodbye 7th semester

Next week, I’ll start the 8th semester and I wish that is my last semester in ITB. Well, 7th semester is over and I got a much higher GPA than the 6th semester. Thanks God. This is unbelievable. But overall the 7th semester didn’t bring as much memories as the previous semesters. Nothing’s special happened in 7th semester.

And what I’m gonna do in the next semester? I guess, I’ll be really focusing myself in my research. I realize that me and my bestfriends will be busy with our own things and we’ll hardly have our quality times for hang out together or anything. But as I always say to them, we’ll gonna meet again in July this year at Sabuga in our graduation day. Yes, we will.

So, hello 8th semester, hello graduation. By the end of this semester, I hope I’ll have held my S.Si title. Gabriella Gita Febriana, S.Si. Yeah, cool..isn’t it? hahaha..

Good luck for me! :)) I hope I can immediately finish the research and thesis, graduate, and will start to reach my biggest dream, which is getting a scholarship to continue my master and Ph.D in France. 🙂


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