Remembering 2009

Since 2009 will soon come to the end, I’d like to make a so-called-caleidoscope. 2009 was so special for me. I have achieved so many things this year and also I’ve done lots of new things. It seems only yesterday when I was celebrating the new year’s eve with my whole fam in S’pore and today it’s already December 26th. 6 days from now we’ll face 2010. Time flies so fast until we don’t realize.I’m so lucky that I have this blog so I can make a “documentation” of my life.

I made this resolution list in January 2009. I’ve dashlined some of them, means that I’ve done those stuffs. I always avoid to make a big wish because it’ll only make me dissapointed if I can’t make it. So, I just made some simple wishes back then. And yeah I’m so grateful because I’ve done most of the things that I wanted to be done. πŸ™‚

My first wishes was getting higher GPA. Actually last semester (6th semester) I’ve got my highest GPA of all time. Somehow I couldn’t believe that. Gosh,,finally I could make it and made my parents feel proud of me. I must gain higher GPA this semester. I have to study harder.

My other wish was to do my internship successfully. Though I didn’t get my first choice, finally I could do my internship program in a much better place and sorrounded by a lot of friendly staffs. GOD is always so kind to me. I totally didn’t regret about me not getting my first choice. I learned a lot from that internship program. I was the only intern from ITB in that place. I made some new friends there. 1 month was not enough for me doing the internship. It was super fun back then. And thanks GOD, next semester I’ll do my final project research there. Yeah I won’t do the research at my campus since there are some ‘birocracy’ in my campus. I hate birocracy for sure. In fact, the main reason is that I’ll work with pathogenic bacteria so I don’t allowed to do the research in campus. πŸ™‚ Conducting a research in the field of medical microbiology has became my dream since the first time I chose microbiology as my major. So, I felt very happy when I was given the chance to finish my research in that place. And I have to say once again that I’m so lucky having such a cool advisor who suggest you to contact her whenevr you like through blackberry messenger. She’s so cool, isn’t she?

This year, I also made a decision to getting out from my comfort zone. For the first time, I sent the scholarship application. It was a master-plus-doctoral scholarship to Japan. I wasn’t hoping too much about this scholarship because I don’t really want to continue my study there. I still want France, or at least anywhere in Europe, for my master degree.

I also had a wish related to this blog. I wanted to write this blog fully in English. Yeah, I’ve made it!!!! hehe πŸ˜€ It doesn’t mean that I have a low nationalism. I’m proud being an Indonesian and I’m also proud with my country’s language. I just want to learn to express my thoughts and my opinions in English because I have a big dream that in the future I will pursue my carreer in a country far away from my homeland and I have to prepare it from now.

In spite of those good things that have happened to me in 2009, there were also some bad things happened. First, I “lost” one of my (used to be) closest friends. She’s not disappear. She’s just join to the other more exist cliche. I’ve apologized to her though I thought I didn’t make any mistakes. Now, she doesn’t even greet me whenever we meet. Yeah it hurted me so bad but time heals everything. Finally I could take it. I still have 4 bestfriends around me. We’ve shared laughs and tears together. Thanks a heaps, my bests!! πŸ™‚ The other thing also about a person whom I used to call a friend. I’ve just realized few months ago that all of the things that she’s done to me and my bests was fake. She’s a real backstabber. I dedicated this post just for her.

This year I also failed to balance my academic and non academic activities. I decided to quit from my unit and started to focus only in academic life. I know it sounds very nerdy. But, it doesn’t really matter for me to be called a ‘nerd’. My unit won’t be responsible about my future. I am the one who responsible about my future. Since I am so poor in managing time, I decided to focus only on study. I have a target that I must graduate in the middle of 2010.

In love life, I also experienced some failures. Haha πŸ™‚ GOD still made me waiting for my prince charming, of course. I finally could let someone to be with the girl of his dream. I didn’t obsessed with him anymore. This year, I also fell in love with one of my close friend (so insane!). We spent so many times together. That made me fell for him though there’s nothing special in him. At last, he apologized that he couldn’t be my bf. (FYI, I didn’t tell him I like him. He knew it by himself). What made me laugh was that he didn’t apologize directly to me. He said it in the messenger. Hahaha,,he’s not gentle at all. I erased all things about him and I also removed s accountfrom my FB’s friend list. I know that it seems so rude. I felt so dumb that I’ve ever fallen in love for him. Geeeeeee!!!! 😦 Then, I fell in love again with another guy. He’s 1 year younger than me and we have different religion. Wah! I didn’t realize it at the first time we met. I decided to stop adoring him. And what happen to my love life right now? Now, I’m crush-less hahahaha πŸ˜€Β  I won’t ask GOD for a new crush next year. I just want GOD to give me a right man in the right time. Maybe someday.

Yup, that’s all my 2009 documentation, the year that I’ve experienced ups and downs in my life. Thanks GOD, I still surrounded with some brilliant people. They’re my family and my 4 closest friends. I love them so much. They always boosten up my spirit.

Happy New Year, bloggers!! Have a wonderful new year’s eve!

See you in January!

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