little updates!

heyhoooo bloggers, how are you?

Finally I’ve done my last exam in this year. Yeah, of course I feel a little bit relieve though I’ll still have 2 more exams next year ( I mean in January) 🙂 I can’t believe that christmas is just a few days away. Have you planned anything yet for your christmas? My family have prepared the christmas tree. This year is so special because my parents bought a new christmas tree, a very small one and it will be kind of ‘snowy’ when we turn on the tree’s light. Maybe in the next post I will show you the picture of that christmas tree.

Last weeks was so busy, like I’ve told in the previous post. I really face the December madness syndrome. 😦 Despite of preparing for the exam, I also still had to do lots of assignments. But finally I’ve made it and now I’m free. Yeah!!

2009 will soon come to the end. Really..really..really sad because I have to work extra hard in 2010. I must accomplish my bachelor degree and immediately get a scholarship to continue my master degree abroad. I know, next year will be hard, but I have to face it!

Honestly, I still wanna have fun. Sometimes I want to turn back the time to the year 2007-2008 when I didn’t have to think seriously about my future. I know it’s impossible.

Keep fighting! Keep struggling! Semangat!

Say these words to myself : Ella, with GOD beside you, you can do it! You’re STRONG! 🙂

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