December Madness

Hello, bloggers! I miss you soooo much. Sorry for lack of updates. Again, I must say that college stuffs are really killing me. My final project has totally altered my life.

So, it’s already December now. Oh no! 2009 will end very soon. I still want my 2009, the best year in my life so far. In the previous years, I always felt sooo happy when it comes to December because December means Christmas. But this year I feel so nervous, sad, and afraid because this month will be the end of my 7th semester and I MUST start my final project research. I haven’t finished the final project research proposal yet until now because there are so many revisions that my advisor suggested me to make. Omg!!!!

Also, I’m so afraid to face 2010. The year that my age will turn 22 years old. The year that I MUST graduate. The year that I MUST get a scholarship to continue my Master degree abroad. 2010 will be hard. If only I could stop the time, I would like to stay in 2009. I still want to have fun with my friends and hang out to some places whenever we have spare time. Now, I only have a little time to do fun stuffs like that and I’m sure I’ll have less time soon. But, yeah I have to get real. I can’t stop the time. I must face 2010 and I will experience the hard (though maybe not the hardest) phase in my life.

Oh yeah, I’ll have my final exams in 2 weeks and I still haven’t prepared anything yet. :p keep fighting, keep struggling!!! Welcome December, welcome madness!!!

enjoy your weekend, guys!! 😀

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