you know it..karma

I’ve been insulted by some people who didn’t know me and my close friends well. They said that we were trying to be exclusive by not mingling with the others. Choosing your best friends is one of  an individual’s privilege, isn’t it? Yeah, we surely have to be friends with everyone because we’re human, socialize creatures. But, it’s our nature that we want to share our thoughts, share our feelings with someones who understand us, rite? Someones who maybe don’t have the same paradigms but can understand us best. And I’ve found it in my bestfriends. Okay I spend most of my time together with them but not all the time. So, please don’t judge us wrong because you DON’T know the real situation is.

Do you know about karma? Every little thing you do, whether it’s good or bad, have its own karma. You’ll receive revenge for everything you do. I never pray for something bad to happen to someone. But I really believe in karma. I always wanna help everyone I know and I never think that maybe some of them will ‘sort of’ using me to reach their own purposes. I don’t know maybe I’m too innocent or something so that they think I’m just a naive person that can be used by them. Gosh!

And 1 more thing, I’m not a malicious person. But, for me it is so hard to easily accepting someone’s apology. Don’t apologize to me. Just don’t do the same mistakes in the future. That’s what I want. For my (our) case, I think it doesn’t matter at all anymore now. At least, they have received their (bad) karma. And yeah I hate fake smiles, so if you don’t like me just say : “Ella, I don’t like your attitude!” in front of my face, instead of backstabbed me. Aaaannndd…I don’t like BIG MOUTH boys. It’s kinda banci for me.

Remember this quote by Michael Jackson?

Before you judge me, try hard to love me

Try to “love” us before you judge us. Ahh..luckily there’re just less than 1 year left. I want ot get out from this kind of situation. Really!

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