Easy To Talk, Uneasy To Act

I’m really opposed with different religion relationship and I’m so angry with everyone who involve in that kind of relationship. Until I nearly involved in that same situation. Yeah, I’ve had fallen with a wrong guy. And now I realize that it was a forbidden feeling.

I’ve known him for just about 1 or 2 months (I forgot). Since the first time we met each other, I knew that he’s a good boy.  He didn’t look me as a stranger, ever since when the first time we met. And I don’t know but we were so ‘clicked’ with one each other. We were like 2 old friends who haven’t met for a looong time instead of a stranger that have just known one each other. I adore his personality.

Few days later, he added my FB account. Of course I was so happy haha :). Then I know he was a Moslem and younger than me. Dang! I tried to remind myself not to fall for him. Everytime I’m with him, I must say to myself : Ella, you mustn’t let this feeling grows.

This situation is really hard, actually. If some of you feel that I’m too naive not to try this relationship, well I don’t think so. For me, religion IS  a big deal. It is my basic principle to build a relationship with someone.

Once again this is rather hard for me for denying my own feeling. I’ve chosen to move on and not to think of him anymore. I prefer to be single now to having a wrong relationship. Yeah, he cares about me, he appreciates everything I’ve done, he’s a good boy, he treats me like a woman. He’s a-one-in-a-million-guy..like I always describe him to my friends. He’s my mood-booster. And yeah he’s a violist/pianist. Haha.. But, still, he’s not the right one for me.

Now I know how it feels for everyone who involved in a different religion relationship or marriage. It surely hard, doesn’t it?

It was easy for me to oppose that kind of relationship. But, when I involve in one of those, I feel that it was indeed  really uneasy. Yeah, life is always about to choose and now I choose to believe and stand in my own basic principle. I don’t want to dissapoint my family by choosing the wrong path in my life. Hihi 🙂

So happy Sunday reader..be prepare for the upcoming weeks!

ps: I have a Tumblr account. Feel free to give some visits there..

One thought on “Easy To Talk, Uneasy To Act

  1. hahaha. been there.
    i thought i always have an opposite attraction with a man who have a different religion with me. my last ex bf is a christian, plus he’s a chinese..hahaha. so not me.. ;p

    it’s hard.
    better to let it go.. -__-

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