(hopefully will be) Sweet November

This saturday will be the last day of the first week of November. Gosh, I really don’t realize that time’s flown so fast. So, how was your first week of November so far, reader? Was it exciting? Me? Not really.

Actually November won’t be as sweet as it seems for me since I have a lot of things to be completed  by the end of this month. I must finish the final project proposal. I’ve finished it though but I still have to revise it because there are some essential things and basic principles that I’ve forgotten to put on the proposal. I’ve made a target for myself that at the end of this month I’ll have presented that proposal in front of my advisors. I hope I’ll have prepared everything for  the research on December. Aaaaaahhh…I wish 1 day were more than 24 hours!

And the second thing is…jengjengjeng..

I have to complete the application for applying a master scholarship. Yeah, I got the information about master and doctoral scholarship of international program to Japan few weeks ago from my friend. I thought there are nothing to loose so I decided to apply. So, currently I’m busy with completing all of the requirements. This saturday I’ll take the ITP TOEFL test. Please wish me luck, readers! I hope I can get a much better TOEFL score than 3 years ago when I took predictional TOEFL. And uhhhh…I haven’t made my CV. I don’t have any good pictures to put in my CV. Haha.. 🙂

I still  pray that my November will be sweet, though. When I’m stucked in my busy activities, I always say to myself that December is just one month away. It means that christmas is just one month away.

Enjoy your November, readers whether you’re busy or not! Have fun…..

See you later..

ps : finally I’ve done all of the midtests. huff..so tired with the last exam today..12 number of problems essay..can’t you imagine??

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