Hey, What’s Up!

Life is so busy right now with all of the college things. But I enjoy it. I’m happy realizing that I’m so busy. No more time wasting time by day dreaming. Haha.

I found that I was just so lucky in the previous weeks. Everytime I prayed to GOD, HE always answered exactly what I had demanded. I’m so grateful to have a saviour like YOU, GOD! In my previous post, like a month ago, I told you about my final project. How I didn’t like my selected topic. You know what, finally I could change my topic into something I really love. Yeah, my current research project topic is multidrug resistant. And the most important thing is that I can do my final project research in my internship place in Jakarta. Woww.. I feel so blessed. I also have met my research supervisor. I haven’t known her before. But, she’s so friendly and she soooo cool. From the way she speak, I can see the genius side of her. She’s also very happy and excited when she know that I’ve prepared my own topic and that I plan to do all parts of this research including my theses in English. Yeah, I’m so on fire with this final project research. I hope I can finish my research as soon as possible, completing my theses, graduate from ITB with the title S.Si behind my name, continue postgraduate study in any country where I can get scholarship. Hahha..and then married maybe? whuahahahaha..

How’s life right now? Life’s so fun so far. My days are not filled with lots of lectures from 7 to 5 anymore. But  there are so much assignments.  So actually it’s just the same. Time is running so fast until I feel that 24 hours a day is not enough. Hufh

And what about love life. It’s suck, actually. Hahaha..No problemo. I won’t rush to find someone who fit me the best. But of course not him..haha..he’s too *what can I say?* childish for me.

Next week will be the midtest week. I have to prepare myself. I hope I can update this blog regularly.

thank you and see you again.. 🙂

enjoy your saturday night, readers!

2 thoughts on “Hey, What’s Up!

  1. ahaha..nanti ya kalo gw udh lulus!
    si dosen pembimbing gw beredar juga soalnya di dunia maya..nanti dia ge-er kalo gw pasang fotonya di blog gw..wkwkwkwkwk..

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