Fun & A Little Bit Exhausting

What I’m gonna talk about is my holiday. It was fun and a litle bit exhausting, like I’ve stated above. I went to Turkey last week and I’ve just arrived in Jakarta today. I really feel grateful and thankful to God because I can travel abroad again this year.  Actually I must have had arrived back in Jakarta yesterday but the 15 hours delayed flight ruined everything.

I went there with my  big family, including my aunts and uncle (8 of us). There, we visited some cities which was sooo far one from another. We visited Istanbul, Cannakale, Pamukkale, and Cappadoccia. I’ll tell more about those cities on the next post plus I’ll posted some pictures of my holiday. So, just keep on waiting guys. Today I’ll edited the pictures.

Just like my previous holidays, this year I also went to Turkey with a tour. One thing that I didn’t really like about this tour is some people are just too responsive (in a bad way of course). I didn’t like their behaviours. But overall I enjoyed this trip. I tried not to care about their behaviour. 🙂

And just fyi, I found a very handsome French guy there. OMG, he’s really handsome. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of him, I was very shame because he sat right in front of me when I had lunch in a restaurant somewhere in Turkey. I heard he spoke in French and wow I love his accent. Il est tres beau. Wakakak..:DD

And yeah, I didn’t like Turkish foods. Some of them are too sweet and some are too salty but most of them are tasteless. I just love the kebap. Turkish people also are not so nice because they aware about their handsomeness (yeah!) and they think they can easily make women fall for them (yucks!) No offense..that’s just my thought, guys!

I think that’s enough

Later, guys!


2 thoughts on “Fun & A Little Bit Exhausting

  1. alors, tu aime the handsome french man??
    tanggung jawa lo gebz, berani-beraninya nulis tentang dia tanpa ada bukti! bahhhh.. pa pulaaa neee???

    your trip sounds so sweettt… and the pictures are great (including the pictures in ur facebook album).

    maybe i will be one of the over-responsive people you tell in the story, since i am very addicted to camera and taking lots picture through my eyes when i see something beautiful. he…

    keep upload new story from ya okey 😉

    see you, darz…

  2. I didn’t mean that they’re too over responsive in taking picture thingies. They’re just complained about anything which were, for me, unimportant. Haha..:)

    And about that French guy. Gosh, he was sooooo handsome. I was speechless because yeah you know he sat right in front of me. Oooh..I wish someday I can meet him again. *hyaaa…ngimpi kali yaaaa!!!*

    oke2 thanks for your comment, lin. yes I’ll post more writing here in my blog. I hope you’ll do the same thing too in your blog..

    hihi..keep reading yaa!!

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