Indonesian Youth Conference

Older people thinks that  our generation (young generation) can’t make differences in our country. They think we just a bunch of useless generation. But I can prove that those are totally wrong. Indonesian Youth Conference is a breakthrough made by Indonesia’s young generation and I think this organization is extraordinary. Indonesia’s young people also dream of a better Indonesia. But they’re not only sit down and dream, they act!

First time I knew about IYC from Alanda Kariza’s tweet on Twitter.  My curiousity brought me to its website. I explored that website and I became amazed. Most of all the founders of this organization are younger than me. They even haven’t reached the age of 20 but they can make this big thing. I really adore them so much. Right after my first visit to the website, I registered and became a member of IYC. I read the discussion threads and I became amazed for the second time. They discussed everything, from school and campus things to more serious topics like some current issues in Indonesia. Most of IYC’s members are still in high school but they all have visionable mindset. They’re main purpose is to make some differences for Indonesia.

And this morning, I got this link from IYC’s tweet to join the IYC’s cyber volunteer. I think this is the time for me to make a little change for my country. Sometimes I feel so ashamed because I’ve already this old (21 yo) and haven’t done anything for Indonesia. I’ll help IYC as much as I can through my contribution as one of the cyber volunteer. Better late than never, isn’t it?

ps: IYC will make a conference attended by high school students from all over Indonesia in mid 2010. Your support are needed. So, don’t hesitate to register at IYC’s website, contribute, and become a volunteer.

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