Fun & A Little Bit Exhausting

What I’m gonna talk about is my holiday. It was fun and a litle bit exhausting, like I’ve stated above. I went to Turkey last week and I’ve just arrived in Jakarta today. I really feel grateful and thankful to God because I can travel abroad again this year.  Actually I must have had arrived back in Jakarta yesterday but the 15 hours delayed flight ruined everything.

I went there with my  big family, including my aunts and uncle (8 of us). There, we visited some cities which was sooo far one from another. We visited Istanbul, Cannakale, Pamukkale, and Cappadoccia. I’ll tell more about those cities on the next post plus I’ll posted some pictures of my holiday. So, just keep on waiting guys. Today I’ll edited the pictures.

Just like my previous holidays, this year I also went to Turkey with a tour. One thing that I didn’t really like about this tour is some people are just too responsive (in a bad way of course). I didn’t like their behaviours. But overall I enjoyed this trip. I tried not to care about their behaviour. 🙂

And just fyi, I found a very handsome French guy there. OMG, he’s really handsome. Unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture of him, I was very shame because he sat right in front of me when I had lunch in a restaurant somewhere in Turkey. I heard he spoke in French and wow I love his accent. Il est tres beau. Wakakak..:DD

And yeah, I didn’t like Turkish foods. Some of them are too sweet and some are too salty but most of them are tasteless. I just love the kebap. Turkish people also are not so nice because they aware about their handsomeness (yeah!) and they think they can easily make women fall for them (yucks!) No offense..that’s just my thought, guys!

I think that’s enough

Later, guys!


Indonesian Youth Conference

Older people thinks that  our generation (young generation) can’t make differences in our country. They think we just a bunch of useless generation. But I can prove that those are totally wrong. Indonesian Youth Conference is a breakthrough made by Indonesia’s young generation and I think this organization is extraordinary. Indonesia’s young people also dream of a better Indonesia. But they’re not only sit down and dream, they act!

First time I knew about IYC from Alanda Kariza’s tweet on Twitter.  My curiousity brought me to its website. I explored that website and I became amazed. Most of all the founders of this organization are younger than me. They even haven’t reached the age of 20 but they can make this big thing. I really adore them so much. Right after my first visit to the website, I registered and became a member of IYC. I read the discussion threads and I became amazed for the second time. They discussed everything, from school and campus things to more serious topics like some current issues in Indonesia. Most of IYC’s members are still in high school but they all have visionable mindset. They’re main purpose is to make some differences for Indonesia.

And this morning, I got this link from IYC’s tweet to join the IYC’s cyber volunteer. I think this is the time for me to make a little change for my country. Sometimes I feel so ashamed because I’ve already this old (21 yo) and haven’t done anything for Indonesia. I’ll help IYC as much as I can through my contribution as one of the cyber volunteer. Better late than never, isn’t it?

ps: IYC will make a conference attended by high school students from all over Indonesia in mid 2010. Your support are needed. So, don’t hesitate to register at IYC’s website, contribute, and become a volunteer.

Final Project Topic


Finally I’ve got the topic for my Final Project. “Compatibility of some Bacterial Strains as DNA Transformation Vector”. Yeah, that’s my topic. Actually, I prefer to do my second topic. Maybe I should discuss it with my research supervisor. At least, now I feel soooo relieved. Wish me luck for a year ahead, my friends!

Perahu Kertas


Novel terbaru karangan Dee. Menurut saya ini adalah cerita cinta biasa namun disajikan dengan gaya penulisan serta sudut pandang yang luar biasa. Saya begitu terlarut dalam kisah Perahu Kertas ini hingga hanya memerlukan waktu sekitar 2 hari untuk menyelesaikan 400an halamannya.

Tokoh utamanya adalah Kugy dan Keenan. Kugy yang cuek dan sembarangan bersanding dengan Keenan yang tampan dan pendiam hingga terkesan misterius.  Mereka berdua sebenarnya jatuh cinta namun masing-masing tidak berani menyatakan perasaannya satu sama lain. Kemudian, mereka berdua sempat jatuh cinta dan pacaran dengan orang lain. Hingga pada akhirnya Kugy dan Keenan harus mengakui bahwa mereka berdua memang ditakdirkan untuk bersama. Bagian yang menurut saya seru adalah perjalanan yang mereka lalui untuk menemukan cinta itu sendiri. Makanya, baca deh novel ini dan kalian akan terhanyut dalam ceritanya. Cerita di novel ini tidak penuh imajinasi melainkan sangatlah nyata. Kita semua mungkin saja mengalami hal tersebut di dalam kehidupan.

Dialog favorit saya dalam novel ini (kira-kira seperti di bawah ini, udah agak lupa soalnya..sorry ya kalo salah!)

Kugy : Nan, cuma cowok bego yang gak tertarik sama cewek secantik Wanda.

Keenan : Sayangnya, masih ada cowok bego yang kayak gitu, Gy.

Jangan bayangkan novel ini seperti Supernova-nya Dee. Perahu Kertas sangat berbeda dengan Supernova. Saya pernah baca review di manaa gitu yang menyebutkan bahwa penggemar Supernova tidak akan menyukai Perahu Kertas. Saya bisa buktikan kalau statement itu salah. Saya juga penggemar Trilogi Supernova dan saya sangat menyukai Perahu Kertas.

This is a very recommended novel. Just read it!  This novel will make you cry and also make you laugh with plenty of Sundanese language used there.