21 Credits

It’s already fix now that I’m gonna take 21 credits for the 7th semester. Yesterday, my lecturer said that it was too much. But, yeah this is the one and only way for me to fulfill my target. So on the last semester (8th semester) I’ll only have 8 credits left.

 This is the list of subjects that I take :

  1. Final Project 1 (4 credits)
  2. Bacteriology (2 credits)
  3. Environmental Microbiology (2 credits)
  4. Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis (3 credits)
  5. Industrial Sociology (2 credits)
  6. Methods of Creative Thinking (2 credits)
  7. Geomicrobiology (2 credits)
  8. Food Nutrition Science (2 credits)
  9. Plant and Microbial Interaction (2 credits)

Woww, it’s quite a lot though. But I’m always be optimistic that I can go through the 7th semester safely. Haha..and I guess I’ll be very busy this semester. Hopefully I can increase my GPA on this semester. More than 3,5 probably. Actually I’m not sure I can gain that much. Yeah, but like I’ve said before..just be optimistic.

Yup, all I can do is just try hard and pray. And I promise on the next semester there won’t be any hang out time after campus. Really have to study hard. *cross finger*


*I’ll post about the movie I’ve watched during my holiday later at the end of my holiday. Okey??

2 thoughts on “21 Credits

  1. wuihhhh… ngeri banget mata kuliahnya, gabz.. ck ck ck…

    waktu bacanya aja gw udah muter-muter mata. ampun dijeeee….

    yeah, keep being optimistic lah 😉

    aku malah pernah baca blog orang, dia nyelesein tesisnya dalam waktu 2 bulan dengan modal optimist 😉
    terus dapat A minus gitu. keren deh pokoknya.

    anyway gw suka quot yang lo tulis di posting lain: “Why do YOU create us differently if YOU only want to be worshipped in one way?”

    • iya emang begitulah nasib anak mikro, sampe bingung gw mau ngambil matkul apaan..serem semua.. 🙂

      btw itu quote dari film cin(T)a!

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