Movies I’m Craving To Watch

#1. cin(T)a


Casts : Sunny Soon, Saira Jihan

Director : Sammaria Simanjuntak

This is one of Indonesian movie that first being released abroad, in London. It will be screened for the first time in Indonesia in the mid August, based on the info I got from some of my friends. The plot of this movie is very simple. About 2 people , Cina and Annisa, who are falling in love. But the story become not as simple as before because both of them have different religion. The girl is a Moslem and the boy is a Catholic. And we’ll see who should win in the battle between love and religion.  

Ever since I watched this movie’s trailer, I felt that cin(T)a will give controversy in Indonesian movie industry. But somehow I feel that I must watch this movie. In my opinion, the story is so real.  Some of my friends also experiencing a kind of relationship like in this movie. I heart the tagline and one of the quote in this movie.

Here is the tagline :

GOD is a director

And here is the quote that I really love :

Why do YOU create us differently if YOU only want to be worshipped in one way?


#2. (500) Days of Summer


Casts : Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Director : Marc Webb

Meet the main roles, Tom Hansen (Levitt) and Summer Finn (Deschanel). Summer always attracts male attention. On the contrary, Tom is a little bit of shy guy and doesn’t have much experiences on being in a relationship. Tom believes in love at the first sight, while Summer doesn’t. Until someday, Tom feels that Summer is the one who he wants to spend his entire life with. This is a story about the effort of Tom to convince Summer that he’s the right guy for her to spend all of her entire life. Because, you know, Summer is  a very independent girl who doesn’t believe in a relationship and boyfriends. Can he make a conviction?

I’ve already watched the trailer for several times and so can’t wait to watch this movie. Anyone knows when will it be released in Indonesia? Please tell me! I also have listened to the soundtracks and all is good. I love the soundtracks. I think, it really gets along with the movie plot.


#3. My Sister’s Keeper


Casts : Abigail Breslin, Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vassilieva

Director : Nick Cassavetes

This is the movie adaptation from a novel with the same title by Jodie Picoult. Anna Fitzgerald (Breslin) was being born to be genetically matched with her sister, Kate (Vassilieva) who have had suffering from leukimia. Anna wasn’t able to do her activities because of the Kate’s big dependency on her. When Kate got renal failure and need a kidney donation from Anna, she complained. Anna didn’t want to donate her organs for Kate anymore because she thought that she also had rights to her own body. That’s why she sued her parents for medical emancipation.

I know, this is a very sad movie. I haven’t read the novel yet. Maybe I should read it before I’ll watch the movie. My Sister’s Keeper has been released in USA since June 2009 but I don’t know when it’ll be released in Indonesia. Maybe I’ve to try finding the DVD. I must watch this phenomenal movie.


#4. Paper Heart


Casts : Charlyne Yi, Michael Cera

Director : Nicholas Jasenovec

Both Yi and Cera plays the role as themselves in this documentary movie. In this movie, we follow the  cross country journey of Yi and Cera to documented what exactly ‘love’ is. They’re interviewing lots of people from different backgrounds.

Maybe some of you think that this is just an ordinary documentary film. But, for me, I think this movie has a mission since this is a story on finding the real meaning of ‘love’ for some different people. I’m so curious about this movie. Yesterday I’ve just found out about this movie on IMDb’s website and suddenly really want to watch it. This movie will be released in USA on August 14th. Don’t ask me when it will be release in Indonesia. 🙂

Yeah, that’s some movies that I’m really craving to watch. Hopefully in this last days of my holiday I can watch them all. But, I’m not sure. It’s rather hard to find the DVDs. Keep reading my blog, peeps! Cause I’ll write about the movies I’ve watched during my -long-yet-gonna-end-soon-holiday. 🙂

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Thank guys, see u on the next post!

5 thoughts on “Movies I’m Craving To Watch

  1. emang bener film cin (T) a emang nyentuh banget, kata2nya juga bagus. alurnya jelas, pesannya banyak banget, menguatkan kita akan pentingnya cinta dan kepercayaan.
    satu kalimat yang paling aku suka dalam film itu.sewaktu si Cina nyuruh si anissa masuk Kristian, lalu annisa menjawab,
    ” apa kamu yakin aku akan setia m kamu ( Cina ), sedangkan aku (annisa) gg setia sama Tuhanku ”
    bagus banget !!!!!
    jadi bersyukur aku gg menyesalin perpisahan dengan mantan pacarku yang beda agama.ingat cinta tidak buta, dy hanya memahami.

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