We Are Not Afraid

Yesterday, was a very gloomy day for people in Indonesia. There were 2 explosions happened in 2 luxurious hotels in Jakarta. So far, there were 9 victims dead and more than 50 people injured. After 5 years of peace, terrorist came back again to Indonesia. Honestly, I was very shock when yesterday I saw the news on TV. What’s their purpose, actually? Why are they have such a hatred feeling with foreign people? Don’t they know that most of the victims are Indonesian?

In the other hand, I’m so proud that #indonesiaunite has became number 1’s trending topic in twitter since yesterday. It means, we, Indonesian people, will not be torn apart just because this silly event created by you damn terrorists. We are not afraid eventhough there are travel warnings from some countries, including Singapore (wth? our neigbor? okay, I’ll also won’t go there anymore). We are not afraid though MU cancelled their trip to Indonesia and of course they also cancelled their match with PSSI. We are not afraid!

After this explosions, I thought there would be a big exodus by foreign people in Indonesia. The reality is different. They still stay here. This situation can really make me proud. So, the question is what should we do for our beloved country? In my opinion, we should start from ourselves. The most essential thing that we have to do firstly is stop humiliating our country and don’t ever want to change your nationality. Don’t ever have a feeling to do that!

Yesterday, indeed, was a very gloomy day in our country’s history. But, we won’t keep that gloomy feeling. We, as the Indonesia’s young generation, have to stand up to defend our beloved country, to make Indonesia unite. I give my huge condolences for all of the explosion’s victims and their families. May God always bless you!

We Are Not Afraid! We will make Indonesia Unite!

You can read our president’s speech related to yesterday’s explosion here.


picture’s taken from kompas.com

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