Holiday Part II

As I’ve told you before, I will tell you my holiday story and also I wanna post some photos here. On Wednesday after giving my vote for the presidential election, I went to Bandung. Yup, that was my second holiday. This Bandung holiday for me was more adventurous than my previous holiday to Ancol. And I really like when I have to go to Bandung for holiday because for me, every time I hear Bandung it reminds me with campus things. Hehe..yeah I’m studying in Bandung actually. I went to Bandung with my family.  Though we only visited 3 tourism objects, we had a lot of fun. Here is the photos.


This is Tangkuban Parahu crater, for those of you who haven’t known. I always like this place because the view is adorable. This place is located in Lembang. This crater was created after there was a volcanic eruption, but traditional people often relating this crater with the famous Sundanese traditional urban legend, Sangkuriang. I’ve heard the story before but now I can’t remember it. Haha..


And this is White Crater (Kawah Putih), Ciwidey. It is located in the south of Bandung about 3 hours driving from the city center of Bandung. You know, the view here is soooooooo amazing. I’ve never bored with this place. The first time I went here was like a year ago in 2008 with my campus friends for the microbial ecology field trip.  This place is really a heaven if you are a narsistic person. Hahaha..this is a good spot to take a photograpg. The weather there also very chillin.

I also went to Ciater, but I forget where did I keep the photograph. sorry that I can’t put it here. So, the holiday has been ended for my brothers, but not for me. I still have 1 month left. Yeey..I wanna enjoy this remaining holiday. Oya, I’ve finished my internship report. Oh, thanks God. Finally I can finish it.

Okay, this is it. I hope you enjoy reading this blog’s post.

See you later!


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