Yeah, I’d been sick for more than a week. The usual disease, fever or thyphus for more details. Hehe..I didn’t know what’s the cause of me suffering. All I could remember was that I always ate healthy foods. I never bought something dirty from the vendors on the street. Yup, but finally I was sick. It was all began on Friday 2 weeks ago when I went to the mall with my elementary school friends. One of my friends said : ‘La, your eyes are very red. Are you sick?’ And I just said :’Ah, that’s the usual thing. Don’t worry I’m just fine.’ But the reality was different. On the next day, I got fever but I could still do my activities. Even, I still went to the cinema to watch HP 6 on Sunday. The very scary day was Monday, July 20th. I was collapsed and my body temperature was more than 39 degrees celcius. That night, I realized there were something wrong with my body.

On the next day I went to the doctor with my mom and I was being suggested to check my blood in laboratory. Yup, and the result was I suffered from thyphus. Until now, I still haven’t know the real cause of my disease. Was it because my intense interaction with Salmonella bacteria when I was doing my internship? Ah, I don’t know.

Thanks God I still have about 3 weeks holiday so I don’t feel so worry about my recovery. Now, I’m getting better but I still have a little bit cough. All I can do now is just stay at home and online all day long. I don’t allow to go anywhere. Actually sometimes I feel odd too, you know being home alone. And yeah, I miss my campus friends so much. It’s nearly 3 months I haven’t met them. Really miss them. Can’t wait for August 18th to come!

Yup, I think that’s enough for this post. Be healthy, folks! And don’t forget to pray for me. Hehehe.. 🙂

We Are Not Afraid

Yesterday, was a very gloomy day for people in Indonesia. There were 2 explosions happened in 2 luxurious hotels in Jakarta. So far, there were 9 victims dead and more than 50 people injured. After 5 years of peace, terrorist came back again to Indonesia. Honestly, I was very shock when yesterday I saw the news on TV. What’s their purpose, actually? Why are they have such a hatred feeling with foreign people? Don’t they know that most of the victims are Indonesian?

In the other hand, I’m so proud that #indonesiaunite has became number 1’s trending topic in twitter since yesterday. It means, we, Indonesian people, will not be torn apart just because this silly event created by you damn terrorists. We are not afraid eventhough there are travel warnings from some countries, including Singapore (wth? our neigbor? okay, I’ll also won’t go there anymore). We are not afraid though MU cancelled their trip to Indonesia and of course they also cancelled their match with PSSI. We are not afraid!

After this explosions, I thought there would be a big exodus by foreign people in Indonesia. The reality is different. They still stay here. This situation can really make me proud. So, the question is what should we do for our beloved country? In my opinion, we should start from ourselves. The most essential thing that we have to do firstly is stop humiliating our country and don’t ever want to change your nationality. Don’t ever have a feeling to do that!

Yesterday, indeed, was a very gloomy day in our country’s history. But, we won’t keep that gloomy feeling. We, as the Indonesia’s young generation, have to stand up to defend our beloved country, to make Indonesia unite. I give my huge condolences for all of the explosion’s victims and their families. May God always bless you!

We Are Not Afraid! We will make Indonesia Unite!

You can read our president’s speech related to yesterday’s explosion here.


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Holiday Part II

As I’ve told you before, I will tell you my holiday story and also I wanna post some photos here. On Wednesday after giving my vote for the presidential election, I went to Bandung. Yup, that was my second holiday. This Bandung holiday for me was more adventurous than my previous holiday to Ancol. And I really like when I have to go to Bandung for holiday because for me, every time I hear Bandung it reminds me with campus things. Hehe..yeah I’m studying in Bandung actually. I went to Bandung with my family.  Though we only visited 3 tourism objects, we had a lot of fun. Here is the photos.


This is Tangkuban Parahu crater, for those of you who haven’t known. I always like this place because the view is adorable. This place is located in Lembang. This crater was created after there was a volcanic eruption, but traditional people often relating this crater with the famous Sundanese traditional urban legend, Sangkuriang. I’ve heard the story before but now I can’t remember it. Haha..


And this is White Crater (Kawah Putih), Ciwidey. It is located in the south of Bandung about 3 hours driving from the city center of Bandung. You know, the view here is soooooooo amazing. I’ve never bored with this place. The first time I went here was like a year ago in 2008 with my campus friends for the microbial ecology field trip.  This place is really a heaven if you are a narsistic person. Hahaha..this is a good spot to take a photograpg. The weather there also very chillin.

I also went to Ciater, but I forget where did I keep the photograph. sorry that I can’t put it here. So, the holiday has been ended for my brothers, but not for me. I still have 1 month left. Yeey..I wanna enjoy this remaining holiday. Oya, I’ve finished my internship report. Oh, thanks God. Finally I can finish it.

Okay, this is it. I hope you enjoy reading this blog’s post.

See you later!


Liburan Part 1

Minggu lalu, tanggal 27-28 Juni saya akhirnya bisa liburan juga walaupun hanya 2 hari semalam. Saya jalan-jalan ke Ancol. Standar aja sih sebenernya. Jalan-jalan ke Sea World, Gelanggang Samudera, sama nonton Police Academy. Sayangnya di Police Academy itu kalau mau foto harus bayar yah? Hyaa..jadi males foto deh.


Ini foto di depan Gelanggang Samudera. Saya juga baru tau kalau ternyata ada patung kuda nil. Saya pikir, lucu juga kali ya kalau saya foto sama ‘kuda nil’ itu? Coba buktikan, mana yang lebih gendut? Kuda nil atau saya? Jelas kuda nil, kan? Brarti selama ini orang-orang tuh salah kalau bilang saya gendut. Hahaha..


Dan, malamnya saya sekeluarga makan di Resto Segarra. Liat deh view-nya. Keren banget. Belakangnya langsung pantai gitu. Tadinya kita mau makan di Resto Bandar Jakarta, tapi ternyata penuhnya ampun-ampunan. Jadi ya akhirnya makan di sini deh. Menunya enak banget. Harganya juga ”enak” alias mahal banget. Cukup sekali aja deh makan di sini. Oiya suasananya juga romantis banget tuh di resto ini.  Remang-remang gitu pake lilin,  mau makan aja sampe susah saking gelapnya.Waktu itu karena kebetulan malam minggu, jadi banyak pasangan yang lagi pacaran di sana. Weww..anak jaman sekarang tajir-tajir juga ya? Masih pacaran aja makannya udah di tempat kayak gitu. Hehe..Tapi beneran makanannya enak banget. So, sebenarnya worth it sih dengan harga segitu.


Minggu paginya saya sama tante saya bangun pagi-pagi buat jalan ke pantai yang letaknya persis di belakang hotel. Pantai itu mengingatkan saya pada momen beberapa tahun yang lalu ketika saya masih kecil. Dulu saya hampir setiap minggu pasti ke pantai Ancol dan dulu tuh pantai Ancol masih lumayan bersih yah walaupun nggak bersih banget sih. Tapi, sekarang pantai Ancol tuh kotor banget. Sayang ya. Padahal kalau dirapihin dikit pasti keren lho.

Yaak cuma gitu doang sih liburan saya. Tapi, seperti judul post saya kali ini, Liburan Part 1, saya bakal liburan lagi minggu depan. Yeeyy!! Kata bapak saya, minggu depan kita bakal ke Bandung katanya mau ke Kawah Putih. Buat keluarga saya sih liburan beneran..tapi buat saya mah kayak gak liburan. Ke Bandung, gitu. Kota tempat saya menuntut ilmu (cuih!) Tapi nggak papa, lah. Di Kawah Putih kan pemandangannya juga bagus. Setahun yang lalu saya pernah kuliah lapangan ke sana bareng temen-temen seangkatan. Cerita-cerita dan foto-fotonya pernah saya post di blog juga, tapi di blog yang lama. Kalau mau baca, coba cari-cari aja di arsip blog ini.

Oiya fyi, KP saya udah selesai lho. 1 bulan tuh benar-benar gak kerasa ya? Tapi, saya masih harus menyelesaikan laporan KP nih. Mudah-mudahan cepat selesai. Sepertinya saya baru bisa bebas dari hal-hal yang berhubungan dengan kuliah pada awal Agustus nanti deh. Sekarang mah judulnya aja liburan, tapi tetep aja masih banyak yang harus dikerjain.

Okey, segini aja dulu ya post saya kali ini. Semoga para pembaca senang membacanya. Ntar kalau ada sesuatu yang menarik lagi, saya post di blog lagi ya!

See you, folks!