Yeah, I'd been sick for more than a week. The usual disease, fever or thyphus for more details. Hehe..I didn't know what's the cause of me suffering. All I could remember was that I always ate healthy foods. I never bought something dirty from the vendors on the street. Yup, but finally I was sick. … Continue reading Sick!

We Are Not Afraid

Yesterday, was a very gloomy day for people in Indonesia. There were 2 explosions happened in 2 luxurious hotels in Jakarta. So far, there were 9 victims dead and more than 50 people injured. After 5 years of peace, terrorist came back again to Indonesia. Honestly, I was very shock when yesterday I saw the … Continue reading We Are Not Afraid

Liburan Part 1

Minggu lalu, tanggal 27-28 Juni saya akhirnya bisa liburan juga walaupun hanya 2 hari semalam. Saya jalan-jalan ke Ancol. Standar aja sih sebenernya. Jalan-jalan ke Sea World, Gelanggang Samudera, sama nonton Police Academy. Sayangnya di Police Academy itu kalau mau foto harus bayar yah? Hyaa..jadi males foto deh. Ini foto di depan Gelanggang Samudera. Saya … Continue reading Liburan Part 1