Final Exams and Some Updates

Yeah, now I’m still being trapped in the middle of final exams. Although I have been in holiday since last Thursday, it doesn’t mean that I can have some refreshing. No,no,no!! I have to do 3 laboratory reports for next week and I’ve just done 1 report. And then, next week I’ll still have some exams FYI. I have to do Principle and Fermentation Technique, Analytical Microbiology, Biosafety, and Scientific Communication Technique final exams. Woww. Also, at the end of next week, there will be an cheese exhibition in my campus and we have to exhibit our cheese..yeah tha’s our project for this semester.

But, behind all of that hecticness..there is also  good news about me. I have been accepted to have internship in NAMRU.  I feel so happy and very relieved. You know, I’ve been so dissapointed after my internship proposal had been rejected by other institution that I’d been applied before. Thanks God, finally I get a place for me to do the internship which will start next month. Hope I can give the best of me. Weww!!

3 thoughts on “Final Exams and Some Updates

    • iya nih baru ganti theme..
      eh ternyata tab yg buat message-nya gak muncul..hehe.. link balik ya, sha!!

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