Holiday is in the air, friends!!

Holiday is in the air! Yeey, finally this 5th semester has over. The final exam scores of this semester haven’t been announced yet, but never mind! This week I’ve been in Jakarta and really enjoying this holiday. I went to some places just to refresh my mind. Not like the last christmas holiday, when I still had to study for the final exam, now I just feel so happy. Hahaha..And yeah, I’ve finally watched Gossip Girl Season 2 but haven’t finished it yet. Try to finish it as soon as possible, though.

And, oh yeah..this week I’ve been to cinema and watched 2 exciting movies. Yes, Man and Bedtime Stories. What do you feel when you have to say yes to everything even if it’ll disadvantaged you? You  have to watch the film Yes, Man. How about if all your imagination became as  real as you want to be? Just watch Bedtime Stories, played by Adam Sandler.

I also have finished reading Eclipse, the third series of Stephenie Meyer’s phenomenal Twilight Tetralogy. The ending was not really satisfy me, because all I want is Bella and Jake live happily together ever after, not with Edward. I don’t want Bella to became a vampire. But, overall I like the plot which is more thrilling. Much more better than the second book, New Moon. And now, I’ve just started with the new book, Maryamah Karpov. I borrowed it from my auntie.  So far, I think this book’s genre is a little bit comedy. Don’t you think the same?

And last but not least, just wanna inform you. Tomorrow I’ll go to Bali for excursion, with all of my college friends. So, it’ll be fun, I think. See you next week! As usual, I’ll post some photos here.