Please, Stop The War!

In these recent days, when I was blogwalking, I always found that so many people wrote their own opinion about the Gaza Strip Conflict. All I wanna ask is  ‘Are you know the real truth?’ I, myself, don’t really know about the truth that happen there. All I know is that there have been so many innocent victim fallen. Most of them were women and children. They are civilians.

Yesterday, I watched some video in YouTube about that conflict. The more I watched those videos, the more I became confuse. I just wanna say, “Please stop the war, let’s make peace” And, once again please don’t bring religion in this kind of conflict, because we know that this is a political conflict. Religion is very sacred, you know!

I’ve been looking at my inbox and there was an email from a milis. It said that we must boycott the American product due to this Gaza strip conflict because USA give their support to Israeli. Is that the right thing for us to do?

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