New Year’s Holiday

As I’ve promised you before, today I’ll tell you about my new years’s celebration. Okay..I know it’s kinda toooooo late to speak about new year.

So, I celebrated the new year’s eve at Singapore. I went there with my family and my aunties. We departed on December 30th. On that day, we went to the airport at 4 in the morning to catch the plane that departed at 6. I was still sooo sleepy. The journey to Batam only took about an hour. Yeah, we didn’t fly directly to S’pore because actually it could cut off the cost. At about 7 am we had arrived in Hang Nadim Airport in Batam. There, a driver from my mom’s branch office had fetched us and brought us the Batam Centre Harbour. Then, we continued our journey to Singapore by Ferry. It took only 30 minutes to Singapore from Batam. As we arrived in Singapore, the first thing we did was searching for the nearest MRT station. We didn’t want to take taxi because we’d known that taxi in S’pore was very expensive.

 Our hotel actually was located near Sommerset MRT station, but we stopped at Dhoby Ghaut. The distance from that station to our hotel was rather far. You know, the weather in S’pore was so hot. We had to walk for about 1 km with luggage in our hands to reach the hotel. Can you imagine how we feel? Really exhausted. When we finally arrived at the hotel, we had just realized that the hotel was far from Orchard. Oh, My. We had to take another MRT to Orchard if you didn’t want to take a walk for few kms. But, the advantage was it was located near Plaza Singapura. Wow, I like it!

Day 1-December 30th 2008

Me and my brother in front of a huge christmas tree at Suntec City Mall


On the first day we went to Suntec City in the afternoon to take a duck tour. At the beginning I was very curious about this kind of  tour. What was that?Actually, this is just a kind of city sightseeing tour. We saw the Merlion statue which is the symbol of Singapore, the Esplanade Theater (the best theater in S’pore or maybe in South East Asia), and the floating theater that is located in Marina Bay.

The statue of Merlion at Marina Bay

We also saw the Raffles Hotel that is the oldest hotel in S’pore and also the most expensive hotel there. I thought it was a quite interesting tour. After that, we went back to Orchard and did some shopping till night. Only window shopping, because the price was so not affordable. Hahahaha!!!


In front of the 'duck'

In front of the 'duck'

I like this statue in front of Paragon at Orchard

I like this statue in front of Paragon at Orchard


Day 2- December 31st, 2008

We did some shopping again today. Since I didn’t really like shopping, today I went to Borders Bookstore in Wheelock’s Place with my bro. There, I bought the ‘Three Cups of Tea’ novel. The price was quite cheaper than in Jakarta. After that, I also went to Yamaha music store in Plaza Singapura with my Dad. I bought some books for my piano exams. I bought ‘Sight reading Grade 7’ and ‘Scale and Arpeggio Grade 7’. Wow, the collection in that Yamaha store was very complete. I also bought a classical pieces collection book. Hmmm..there I found Claire de Lune piano partitur in easy version. Weww!! On the evening we went to Singapore Zoo to take a Safari Night tour.

with my mom

with my mom

This was very exciting. I really like it. We were at that zoo until 10 pm and then went back to the hotel.

Singapore Zoo, my auntie behind me

Singapore Zoo, my auntie behind me

After that me, my mom, and my aunties went around the Orchard Road and wait until the new year’s eve. I really desperate because there weren’t any celebration in Orchard. So after 12 o’clock, we just went back to the hotel, bought Starbucks and took a sleep. A really unmemorable new year’s eve. Heheheu!! We had just known that the new year’s eve celebration in S’pore was concentrated in Marina Bay. There were some fireworks and unfortunately we didn’t go there. Kyaaa!!

 Day 3- January 1st 2009

My mom still busy in shopping. I had been so tired so this day I just stay at the hotel. In the afternoon I  went to Starbucks near hotel with my brothers and my dad. We were waiting there until my mom finish shopping. In the evening we went to the harbour to take a Ferry to Batam. We arrived at Batam at about 6 pm and directly went to the hotel which was located in Nagoya, the well known business district in Batam. At night, before dinner, we went to a handphone counter there. We had known that the electronic price in Batam was much cheaper than in Jakarta. Since it was January 1st, we found that most of the shops were closed. Hehehe


Day 4-January 2nd 2009

Still searching for some electronic equipment in Batam. Finally, my youngest bro got a new PSP and me? I got a new camera. Yeeeyyyy…finally I have my own camera. Thanks Daaaaddd!!!! At noon, we went to the Airport and left for Jakarta. Huaaa..goodbye holiday!! Hello, routinities!!

 On the next Sunday I went back to Bandung and start the final exam again and finally it was already over yesterday. I don’t wanna talk about it. Actually I’m so disappointed with the results.

6 thoughts on “New Year’s Holiday

  1. Hi! Um wow, sorry about the examinations, but I myself dislike tests very much too. * Yay I’ve got friends! xD

    Whoa your vacation was so cool. I mean, Singapore? I hardly ever went to somewhere outside Java island… Well I never did actually. =_= You seemed to have so much fun, ne? I want to go to Batam and Singapore too…

    By the way, are you a college student?

    • 3 cups of tea-nya blum gw baca tuh..he3..lg baca maryamah karpov nih..
      kalo partiturnya mau yg mana? Claire de Lune? Ntr kpan2 gw email ke loe deeh..

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