2009 Resolution

First of all…I’d like to say…”Happy New Year, Everyone..” Sorry it’s too late.

Today, we’ve already reached the 3rd day in 2009. Maybe, its kinda late that I make my resolution. But, no problem..better late than never. Okey..here are my 2009’s resolutions

  • Getting higher GPA score
  • Doing my internship program successfully
  • Starting my Final Project in the field of medical microbiology
  • Start searching for master scholarship in Europe
  • Balancing academic and non-academic activities
  • Started to write my blog fully in English…hope I can do this!!
  • Loosing my weight (kinda hard, though! Hahaha..)
  • Not being boyish anymore
  • Having a boyfriend (Amen!!)

Yups, that’s all my resolutions for this year of 2009. I hope this year will be much better than last year.

I think I can’t write a lot these days, coz on Monday I’ll start my final exam again. Still 4 exams to go. Have to study, huh?

Wanna know about my new year’s eve celebration? Just be waitin’ for the next post, friends!! I’ll post lots of photos here…..

See yaaa!!!!!