Merry Christmas, everyone!

Tonight will be the christmas eve, the moment that I always have been waiting for every year. I think my christmas this year will just the same as last years. I’ll just go to church with all of my family members participating in the christmas eve mass. Then, on December 25th we’ll have a little christmas celebration in my grandma’s house, which is very near from my house.

Christmas was a very memorable moment when I was a kid. I got so many presents and when I was a kid back then, I really believe in the existence of Santa Claus. I’d just been realized that all of the Santa Claus  things was just fake when I was in junior high, I think.*hahaha* Santa Claus was just a legend.

The more mature I am, I realize that christmas isn’t just about celebrating the baby Jesus’ born, christmas isn’t just about presents. But, christmas is the best moment for me to look inside my deepest heart, asking to myself about what I’ve done to other people this year. Have I done something that made people happy? Or maybe I’ve done something bad to people around me. I hope after celebrating this year’s christmas I’ll be a far more better person.

So, I just wanna say ‘Merry Christmas’ to all of you. May the spirit of christmas always be with you. God bless you all. Jesus love you!!!

ps: actually I’m waitin for a christmas greeting from someone. is he going to give me a message tonight or tomorrow?? yeah, we’ll see!!!!

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